last meaning in telugu

Word: last
 Meaning of last in english - final, newest, end

Meanings in telugu :

maaji ( మాజీ )

Identical words :

As adjective :
lasting - akshinamu ( అక్షీణము )
last day of the lunar month on which the moon is invisible - amaavaasy ( అమావాస్య )
last one - edavaadu ( ఎడవాడు )
last crop reaped before the one which is ripening - diggōlu ( దిగ్గోలు )
last year - nirudu ( నిరుడు )
last night according as the verb is past - raatri ( రాత్రి )
last month of pregnancy - vaijananamu ( వైజననము )

Synonyms of last

uttermost curtains antipodal crowning far lag determinative least ending terminal ultimate concluding utmost closing latest extreme bitter end conclusive definitive eventual farthest furthest hindmost lowest once and for all outermost supreme swan song ulterior climactic determinate far-off rearmost finishing aftermost at the end endwise meanest most recent remotest completion finale termination close conclusion

Antonyms of last

middle front initial introductory oldest primary moderate beginning opening first starting commencement introduction

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