living meaning in telugu

Word: living
 Meaning of living in english - existing, active, lifestyle, source of income

Meanings in telugu :

sapraani ( సప్రాణి )

Identical words :

As noun :
living being - jaatamu ( జాతము )
living principle - aatm ( ఆత్మ )
living inrented house - aukaapu ( ఔకాపు )
living abroad - pravaasamu ( ప్రవాసము )
living soul - praanamu ( ప్రాణము )

Synonyms of living

breathing contemporary dynamic brisk continuing alert current live warm awake animated operative alive around extant lively ongoing strong vigorous vital existent persisting developing ticking subsisting in use existence job livelihood alimentation way means subsistence support work sustenance mode maintenance keep salt occupation bread and butter sustainment

Antonyms of living

apathetic inactive sluggish asleep lethargic dead fun entertainment

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