lonely meaning in telugu

Word: lonely
 Meaning of lonely in english - feeling friendless, forlorn, out-of-the-way

Meanings in telugu :

shoonyamu ( శూన్యము )

Identical words :

lonely spot - edaari ( ఎడారి )
lonely man - ēkaaki ( ఏకాకి )
lonely person - ontikaadu ( ఒంటికాడు )

Synonyms of lonely

solitary desolate isolated deserted reclusive homeless lonesome destitute empty abandoned alone apart disconsolate down forsaken godforsaken left outcast rejected secluded single unattended withdrawn comfortless companionless by oneself estranged renounced troglodytic unbefriended uncherished unsocial remote quiet obscure private removed retired secret uninhabited unfrequented off the beaten track

Antonyms of lonely

sociable loved inhabited populated befriended close frequented

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