lure meaning in telugu

Word: lure
 Meaning of lure in english - bait, attract, seduce

Meanings in telugu :

mēt ( మేత )

Synonyms of lure

decoy delusion hook camouflage fake gimmick trick temptation come-on seduction incentive attraction call appeal illusion inducement draw bribe snare pull allurement ambush tout trap enticement invitation con game sitting duck inveiglement carrot mousetrap sweetener magnet seducement siren song ensnare beguile beckon capture captivate cajole invite haul train charm catch bewitch fascinate drag rope bag grab enchant steer come on turn on hit on lead on suck in

Antonyms of lure

reality repulsion hindrance deterrent warning certainty fact truth discouragement liberate release disgust dissuade offend reject antagonize free let go disenchant turn off repel lose repulse

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