minor meaning in telugu

Word: minor
 Meaning of minor in english - insignificant, small, person under legal age of maturity

Meanings in telugu :

mainaru ( మైనరు )

Synonyms of minor

petty slight inconsequential lesser unimportant negligible trivial secondary dinky minus dependent accessory low subordinate subsidiary junior inferior trifling bush-league casual paltry piddling small-time smaller tacky two-bit inconsiderable below the mark second-string small-fry younger boy juvenile adolescent infant youth youngster child baby girl teenager lad underage schoolgirl schoolboy

Antonyms of minor

consequential useful worthwhile chief adult greater large important major significant big superior strong

Related English Telugu Meaning

minosminstrelmintminute particleminuteminutenessminutes immediately preceding and the following middaymiragemiremirrormirthmismisapplication ofwordmisapprehensionmisappropriatemiscarriagemiscellaneousmischancemischiefmischievous
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