mortal meaning in telugu

Word: mortal
 Meaning of mortal in english - deadly, human, human being

Meanings in telugu :

martyamu ( మర్త్యము )

Synonyms of mortal

grievous dire terrible malignant lethal fatal grim great last ending terminal killing bitter grave extreme deathly destructive intense merciless monstrous murderous noxious pestilent poisonous relentless remorseless ruthless severe unrelenting pestilential death-dealing mortiferous temporal earthly frail perishable passing transient ephemeral fading animate corporeal evanescent finite impermanent momentary precarious weak worldly fugacious bipedal creatural ecce homo sublunary body woman earthling character soul personage individual animal party creature living soul

Antonyms of mortal

harmless trivial unimportant initial invigorating permanent refreshing animal inhuman good nice life-giving beginning starting mild lifegiving immortal plant spiritual lasting enduring abstract

Related English Telugu Meaning

mortarmortgagemortification of the fleshmortifymosquemosquitomossinessmosstroopermost excellent of all thingsmost excellentmost preferablemost puremote in the sunbeammotemothmother any oldmother of hanumānmother of the asurasmother of the god krishnamother of the pandus
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