Ulcer meaning in hindi | Ulcer ka matlab 

Ulcer meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Ulcer 
As noun : फोड़ा
Usage of Ulcer: 1: gastric ulcer 2: In peptic ulcer patients where infection is detected 3: A leg ulcer 4: An ulcer gnawing 5: artificial ulcer medicine which is used as derivative 6: carcinomatous ulcer 7: chancre ulcer 8: fistulous ulcer 9: Medicine generic term by which is meant Any tumor that degenerates into an ulcer eating away the tissue and 10: Sinking Medicine, speaking of moods that flow in any part of the body of a wound, ulcer and same parties where these moods flow
Ulcer ki paribhasha : ghaava, phode aadi ke bhitar door tak gaya hua nali ka sa chhed jisase baraabar mavaad nikala karata hai aur jisake kaaran ghaav jaldi aochchha nahin hona kh ses naag jaake kanth maala sharir par ka vah sthaan jo kat ya chir gaya ho

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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