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Ulnar meaning in hindi

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Usage of Ulnar: 1: "Make the sign of the cross, rising by lying, etc It designates a figuratively Affliction God sends us Everyone must carry his cross in this world It is a cross , a large cross as ungrateful children He had many crosses in his life It is said by analogy in speaking of things that are put in through one of the other, or whose assembly shows a figure with four arms sticks arranged crosswise The petals of this flower are arranged in a cross Cross of Saint Andrew Cross made in the form of X tau cross Cross made T-shaped Anjou Cross or Lorraine Cross has two cross braces or Greek cross, one whose branches are all four of equal length Latin Cross, The whose lower leg is longer than the other three We mainly use these phrases when speaking of formed churches four aisles arranged crosswise This church is built in a Greek cross, Latin cross form the Greek cross, the Latin cross It particularly says Decoration, roughly in the shape of a cross, worn by members of several orders of chivalry The cross of the Legion of Honour, the cross of honor, or The cross just give the cross to someone He received the Cross Distribute cross By extension, Grand Cross, He who has the highest rank in most of orders chivalry whose decoration in the shape of a cross or a cloth Great Cross of the Order of the Legion of Honour War Cross, decoration given to those who have distinguished themselves through their bravery in the Great War The Red Cross Emblem adopted by relief societies for wounded soldiers The cuff of the Red Cross The flag of the Red Cross It also tells of Ensemble of these aid societies It also says a mark formed by two crossed lines, which is done with the pen, with the pen, on paper or otherwise, on a wall, etc Faire a cross at the bottom of an act when you can not sign Mark something of a cross , Taking a cross, said, speaking of a singular thing that deserves to be rated When we get to ten, we will do a cross Monument prehistoric ages formed a series of standing stones arranged in a circle The stone circles of Britain, Wales and Wind Instruments reed whose timbre is reminiscent of the clarinet and is no longer in use It also says an organ Game Among the sounds of the great organ of St Sulpice, that of his cromorne is remarkable Who crunches under the teeth Crunchy Biscuit Tourte crunchy Paysan, in colloquial language Raw and no other seasoning than salt Eating artichokes crunches in salt imaginary character that scared little children we do It is used figuratively in the sense of Vain scarecrow It's a real bogeyman The bogeymen Whoever is responsible for transporting the dead in the cemetery It is popular The undertakers It says a bad musician He is familiar The undertaker undertaker note or note Producing the teeth noise told Croc grinding certain foods Cookies that crunch under the teeth It is also transitive verb, meaning Eating with the noise some Chew food pralines It means, in the colloquial language, eat greedily It crunched a chicken in no time , Chew heritage, Dispelling his fortune in no time , She is pretty, nice chewable, it is chewable, said he was a very pretty young person They also say this child is huggable In terms of painting, it means Take quickly, using the pencil, brush, etc , the main features and characteristics of objects which we want to preserve the memory, such a figure, group, etc It also means indicate only some features the first idea of a painting, a composition This drawing is only crunched By analogy, it means Paint a few traits in a written It was so well sketched in his book that everyone acknowledged , the brat Chew, Waiting long It made me bite the brat for more than two hours It also means, in terms of game Croquet, Touching a ball with his, giving two shots and send the ball off by a blow that can play again Pastry de dry and thin cake Sort Meatball Cooking ground meat, potatoes, rice, etc , which is fried after being soaked in egg yolk and dusted breadcrumbs or flour He also said, in terms of Candy Treats in chocolate, flat and round Pastry Cupcake Species hard dry Painting Quick Sketch first thought of a painter, indicated only by a few key traits and characteristics Make a sketch of a figure, group The sketch of a drawing sketch book Edible plant to tuber native to Japan Who is entitled to wear the butt A mitred abbot Crosse Stick pastoral bishop or abbot Crosse silver He officiated with crozier and miter It also means the wood Part of a gun is pressed against the shoulder to pull They stoned him with rifle butts Sunrise lacrosse in the air Soldiers said that responsible for quelling a riot, fraternizing with the rioters It also said the curved part of a pistol or a revolver It also means a bent stick on which to build walk the sick, injured, or whose children use when they play to push a ball, a stone, etc In terms of sports, the game of hockey and golf, it refers to the Cane curved at its end with which the ball is started It is also said CLUB By analogy, in terms of Botany, lacrosse Inflorescence Push a stick with Crosser a ball, a stone etc It means, figuratively and familiarly, calling someone with the utmost contempt This is a man crosser Vine Branch Agriculture, fig, etc , Where a little is left wood of the previous year, and is used to make cuttings Crossette willow, etc Whoever lacrosse, who enjoys crosser Antique Kind of rattles, especially used in worship Cybele and which is frequently also used to accompany the dance By analogy, it means, in terms of Natural History, a venomous snake also said Rattlesnake Botanic genus of the family Euphorbiaceae plants including all species belong to the equatorial regions One provides wood Maluku used as an emetic and purgative its seeds produce oil known under the name of croton oil Mixture of dust and water from the rain, in the streets, on the roads, etc , being in the mud, fall in the mud, to be or fall into a shameful misery It also tells of Fichte, in the form of pellets, of certain animals droppings ewe droppings goats, etc Salir with turd Wipe your shoes You crotteriez parquet A muddy coat, all muddy It is well covered with mud in the streets, the streets are dirty and exaggeration be muddy like a mullet We also said to be muddy up the backbone Fichte, excrement of horses and some other animals edifice crumbling Fall in slumping This building collapses, will crumble The earth crumbled marshy earth crumbling underfoot , This empire crumbles This objection brought down all your system Whose money is moving crouliers Meadows croulière Earth , and, ellipse, Croulière, Mire Medical false membrane angina Sorte, almost always kind of diphtheria This child has croup He died of croup Carousel Jump where the horse raises the hind legs up under the belly Who is right or wrong complied rump well rump Horse evil croupée Mare hind Party which includes hips and upper buttocks some animals, mainly saddle beasts charge This horse has no rump, has little rump ticklish horse on the rump This horse's rump mule It has the croup sharp, acute In croup, horseback behind a rider already mounted on the back of the animal Wear hipped Fit pillion It also means top of a mountain extends and which is not at peak The castle is located on the brow of the hill It means, in terms of Architecture, rounded Part height surmounting the apse of a church It is also said to a packed Party which forms an extension of a gable wall and which is connected with two roof drains hips by One who holds the game, pay and collect the money in a gambling house He said specifically, in terms of commercial law and stock exchange, the speculator who, without being listed in the name in a commercial transaction or exchange, however, must bear part of the losses and make a profit share Piece of upholstered leather, which goes under the tail of a horse, a mule, etc , And, holding the saddle or saddle, prevents forward on the withers Mettre a crupper to a saddle Put a croupier in a horse Tighten crupper of a horse , Pruning cruppers a troop of men of war meant to the leakage sword in the kidneys, continued It is also said to someone cruppers Cut Him generate business, embarrassment, give him good of boredom In terms of the navy, he said, by analogy, Mooring of a hanging in the back of a large building Wet croupier in Lower extremity of the human spine It is very familiar and we did not use as joke It is mainly used for animals and especially for birds The rump of a chicken, capon Remain lying in his garbage This child languishing in diapers It must not let a sick wallow in filth , wallow in vice, in idleness wallow in ignorance It also means by extension If corrupt and rot in water standing, talking Some materials Straw languishing in a pond It also said the liquids that are in a state of rest and corruption The waters languishing become stinking From stagnant water stagnant water Pastry envelope formed of a dough crust slightly crunchy wherein serves various dishes Who undertaker under the tooth as the crust Small crust Bread He is familiar be a bit crunchy Who is free, gravelly This passage is somewhat croustilleux The croustilleux tales A croustilleuse anecdote He is familiar Outdoor Partie bread hardened by baking This bread crust is You eat all you leave the crust and the crumb , Break the crust, crust with someone friendly and Eating unceremoniously with him Absolutely, Break the crust, scab, Eat lightly and quickly It says absolutely Gros pieces of bread where there is more than crumb and crust that has long simmered with broth Eating a crust pot It also said cooked pastry enclosing a meat pie, a pie, etc The crust of a pie Crust puff The top crust Lift the crust of a pie It is said by analogy Everything that attaches and hardens on something Put the bread on this capon order to make a crust It became a crust of tartar around the barrel When a long time without moving wheat, it makes it a crust that helps to keep the In drought, are formed in the earth's crust that makes it difficult to plow The earth's crust of the earth crust, the hardened surface of the globe He said specifically, in terms of medicine, Plates more or less hard that form on the skin, usually as a result of a tear or abrasion, for drying a liquid secreted at the surface By analogy, milk crusts, crusts that occur in children at the breast It also says a familiar Old table whose color is black and cracked, and usually a bad picture An old crust This painter is only crusts This portrait is a crust Each end of a long bread Give me a crust He also said, in terms of cuisine , with small pieces of fried bread you put in an omelette, to a puree, or used to garnish dishes or input dessert Omelette with croutons Put spinach croutons on It is figuratively called Someone who is poor and backward This is only a crouton, an old crouton of both genders who can be believed or It is said especially of Things This is incredible This is what makes the most incredible thing It is incredible how many men we lost in this battle substantively, this story goes far Beyond the incredible Believing This is my belief It is the firm belief that This came against the belief of everyone This happens every belief This deserves no belief, no one can find belief among sensible people It usually means more What we believe in a religion The beliefs of Christians The belief of the Jews Our belief is based on The articles of our belief The belief in the immortality of the soul We must respect the beliefs of others It is, by extension, some opinions which, without being religious, have the character of an intimate conviction He persisted to the end in his philosophical beliefs Who believes that his religion teaches A soul believer A believing nation substantively, The true believers The caliphs took the title of leaders or commanders of believers Who is not cooked Raw Fruits It is eaten half believed By extension, it means Who very indigestible This fruit is believed to stomach By analogy, a raw water, Who does not cook the vegetables, which does not dissolve the soap It also means, in terms of the Arts, which has not been prepared Metal raw, one who is as out of the mine It is used figuratively speaking of unpleasant things, unpleasant is said to someone without keeping any care, without bothering to soften the A very raw speech It made him a strong flood response It informed him that new Ugly It also means Who is presented without mitigation, unceremoniously, who spoke rudely I told him the truth Ugly It also sometimes means Who is free, no decent They stood before her a little too raw address In terms of painting, believed Ton Ton who do not marry, that does not blend with the tone that is around Raw Color, sharp color, too full It is said that A also light, as A shadow is raw, when the big clear are not separated by passages large brown Resting on the same Mount a horse bareback ride bareback The In terms of Architecture, Porter bareback wearing directly on the ground, talking of Construction This growing , which grew into a land and is special to him He says he particularly Wine The wines of Bordeaux, Burgundy The many wines of France Wine of my own then this wine is a good vintage Wine vintage, wine made with grapes collected in the same place where it is eaten We wanted to taste the wine of the This wine raw Boiler vintage See BOILER It is sometimes said, figuratively and familiarly, talking about the things we imagine, that invents, as opposed to those we hold or that we borrow another This story is of your own This book is a compilation, the author put nothing of his own It is unoriginal author and can not get anything out of his own we feel pleasure to pain or suffering to see To exercise his cruelty on innocent Treat her enemies cruelly User cruelty someone By extension, The cruelty of the tiger, the lion , The cruelty of fate, destiny, fortune, etc , said, speaking of the Great afflictions, major setbacks It also means cruel Action Committing cruelty This is unheard of cruelty and suffering to the For exaggeration, the cruelty, the cruelty of a mistress, His indifference or harshness It is said by Any exaggeration of rigorous act unjust You refuse to hear me; what cruelty! He was cruel to leave me without news Earthen vase or sandstone, with handle, which usually wide belly and narrow neck Full oil jug full of water, or of Jug oil, water jug Put water, carrying water in a jug This jug is cracked Breaking a jug , Both the pitcher goes to the water that at the end it breaks, it breaks at last, when one often falls into the same error, we end up in faint; or, when one is exposed to a danger too often, we end up succumbing This is said by way of threat or prediction JUG is colloquially said an unintelligent person What holds a jug A cruchée wine It is rarely used Who is cross-shaped crucial Incision two kinds T Botanical Whose flowers have petals arranged cross shape, such as watercress, cabbage, etc cruciferous plant It is used most commonly as a feminine name The mustard family Action to crucify ; crucifixion The crucifixion of our Lord It also says that crucifies the Tables, ment of Jesus Christ is represented The Crucifixion of Le Brun, Rubens To cross The Jews crucified our Lord , crucify the flesh, He impose acts of mortification to purify themselves from their sins and exaggeration, crucify someone, the pain Image wooden, metal, or other material representing Jesus Christ crucified Crucifix gold, silver, ivory, etc To throw the crucifix feet Kiss the crucifix a picture of the Crucifixion Who is of two kinds crosshair Quality of what is believed The rawness fruit By analogy, the water rawness It also said raw food, difficult to digest Eating raw vegetables The weak stomachs can not handle raw vegetables He also said that come Heartburn poorly digested food These meats generate raw vegetables, raw vegetables causing It stomach crudités It says figuratively, in terms of painting, the effect of raw tones, raw colors It says figuratively of unseemly traits in a spirit of work or in conversation The salad expression of language He thought mainly speaking of Rivers The flood waters of The great flood Who takes pleasure in hurting or suffering see Having the cruel soul, cruel mood A cruel master It is also said of some animals The tiger is a cruel beast , His bitterest enemies, His most bitter enemies and dangerous , Destin, cruel fate, cruel fortune, said of the Big afflictions major setback that makes us feel fortune Who It also means denotes cruelty, where there is cruelty War cruel, relentless war, very bloody It sometimes means, for exaggeration, which is severe, inflexible, requiring You are cruel It still means Who is painful, unbearable A cruel punishment, a cruel death A cruel The cruel duties to fulfill I did a cruel loss This was a cruel moment for us It was a cruel winter this year You made him a cruel affront They made him cruel reproaches This separation was cruel It is a cruel situation It said, in a peculiar sense, a woman who does not listen to her lovers or repels It was long cruel This woman happens not to be cruel This last sentence is slang It is often used as a noun when speaking of Persons They want to separate me from you, cruel! The cruel is deaf to our complaints Cruel, you abandon me! Fam , Do not find cruel, always happy in love In a cruel way It was cruelly put to death He cruelly He cruelly beaten In a dry and hard way, without mercy, without bothering to soften what's hurting them in what you have to say He said this while crudely Saying unpleasant truths bluntly Anatomy Who belongs to the thigh The muscle, the femoral nerve The artery, the femoral vein The arcade crural d Natural History Who is covered with a hard, often articulated envelope Animals crustaceans The crayfish crustacean is substantively, crayfish, lobster, crabs are crustaceans underground church where the dead were sometimes buried The Pantheon of the crypt It also refers to the underground church that supports the apparent church It also appoints the FOLLICLES two kinds of T de Botanical Whose fruiting bodies are not apparent or hidden, such as mosses, ferns, lichens, etc substantively, the cryptogams are acotylédonés plants Character Botanical plants cryptogams It also means the Class containing the plants with the character written in secret characters, numbers, etc decipher a cryptogram Art to write in figures or any secrecy Action cuber to The scaling of timber It also says the quantity of cubic units contained in a given volume Determine the scaling of a piece of wood Solid Geometry Corps has six equal square faces The dice which are used backgammon game in the shape of cubes By affixing Cubic meter, agreed measurement equivalent to the volume of a cube whose sides have length one meter etc This block has so many cubic meters In terms of arithmetic, it says Product of the square of a number multiplied by the number or the product of three factors equal to this number The Cube 2 is 8 raise a number to the cube It is sometimes said by affixing the cube root of a number of India Tree, pepper species It also said the fruit of this tree Geometry assess the number of cubic units contained in a given volume Cuber strong Timber Cuber In terms of Arithmetic, a number Cuber, The rise cube Des two kinds T geometry Pertaining to the cube In FIG cubic In terms of Arithmetic, the cube root of a number, integer or fractional, which, at high cube, gives the number Remove the cube root of a number The cube root of 8 is 2 Who belongs Anatomy elbow ulnar artery of Anatomy, borrowed from Latin The larger of the two bones of the forearm, the upper end forms the elbow Kind Botanical plants of the family Caryophyllées that grow in the fields and whose flowers have a Calyx swollen Botanical family of herbaceous plants including many species produce very large fruits such as squash, melon, pumpkin, gourd, etc Bottom of Chemistry of the still, container of tin, copper or glass, in which we put the substances we want to distill and over which we adapt the marquee time when we pick fruit This is the cueillaison fisheries , pears, etc Action to pick He said specifically Harvest fruit that gives some trees and plants Picking cherries, olives, etc When he has made his picking The collection is good this year Detach fruits, flowers, vegetables of their branches or stems Picking pears, roses, etc Loans fruit picking, hand picked, newly picked Pick a bouquet, Pick flowers to form a bouquet , Picking palms, laurels , Win successes, victories , Picking a kiss, a kiss Take a woman He picked a kiss on her lips , Picking someone, Stop it by surprise when he believed himself unattainable Cart pushed a long stick with a cutter in which fall fruit that is picked table utensil consisting of a handle and a hollow part which is used usually to eat the soup and other liquids or foods little consistency Spoons tin, silver metal, Ruolz, silver, vermeil A dozen spoons spoon soup Spoon pudding spoon soup spoon to serve the soup It is said to similar effect spoon stew, etc biscuit spoon, long thin biscuit which is preparing by spreading dough on a paper with a spoon It also means a kitchen utensil used to prepare different foods Wooden Spoons It is said, by analogy, the spoon-shaped utensils which use is made in certain trades Melt lead, resin poix- in an iron spoon Fishing spoon In terms of Botany, Petals spoon, spoon leaves, etc , petals, leaves, etc , whose shape is reminiscent of a spoon It contained a spoon A spoonful of soup A spoonful of broth A spoonful of syrup Partie hollow of a spoon thick skin of certain animals The donkey and the mule are extremely thick and hard leather He said usually the skin of animals, when separated flesh and corroyée Prepare, prepare, pass, tanning leather razor Leather, Leather Strip prepared to give the razor wire to It is sometimes said of the Human Skin Des serosities who amass between skin and flesh, Under the Skin The scalp, skin skull wearing hair It also tells of a Vice popularly language of linking words them a viciously Make a leather leathers Defensive Weapon covering the chest and sometimes the back Breastplate steel, leather, etc Breastplate light, heavy Cuirasse proof ball He had his breakthrough armor, distorted a pistol Endorse the breastplate Take the breastplate be armed with a breastplate The front, behind the breastplate The chink in the armor In terms of Natural History, he said, by analogy, the plates that are some fish, in terms of Marine, he also says Coating metal that protects vessels against the action of projectiles Put a breastplate By extension, armoring a ship, the protection against projectiles with a metallic coating Vessel battleship, battleship and a name like SE armoring means figuratively Prepare for any kind of attack, surprise, or harden If affronts, no longer able to feel insults, remorse It is armed against all affronts that a man whose conscience is armored Battleship against the injustices of fate, against slander, etc armed with a breastplate Cavalier More particularly, gives this name to Soldiers of a body heavy cavalry whose breastplate and helmet are steel A regiment of cuirassiers cuirassiers Captain A charge of cuirassiers Prepare food by means of fire, heat, for make them fit to be eaten Cook chops This baked baker lot of bread every day A cooked dinner at the point A meat overcooked Cooked Apples This sometimes says absolutely Bake bread for baked twice daily The baker All the inhabitants of a village were forced to go bake in oven It means, in a broader sense, certain Prepare things by means of fire or heat, to make them fit for the use that wants to Cook plaster, lime the A cook stove brick, etc Cook thread, silk Statue, Terracotta vase It also said the action of the fire, the heat on the things that are baked Too fire burns meat instead of cooking The natural warmth of this water is such that they cook an egg in less than five minutes It is also said of the fruits that the sun ripens C ' is the sun that bakes all fruits The sun is not hot enough in that country to cook well melons , a tough guy, a man who opposes the circumstances whatsoever a great physical strength and moral force It is also intransitive, meaning Becoming fit to be eaten or specific to a particular use by means of fire, heat Dinner is in the fire, he cooked It is necessary that this meat cooks in its own juices Put cook, bake a capon Put plums baked in the sun The tile, brick can not cook in this furnace The porcelain not done much in this oven These vegetables, the beans, the peas, etc , of cooking, do not cook well, they are easy or difficult to cook It means, by analogy, Causing sharp and acute pain, like that which makes us feel a burn or abrasion I burned myself, I flayed hand, it baked me The hand cooked me The eyes cook me they me"

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