Undisputed meaning in hindi | Undisputed ka matlab 

Undisputed meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Undisputed 
Usage of Undisputed: 1: The highest point in undisputed Indian territory is Kangchenjunga, at . 2: Olajuwon became the undisputed leader of the team. 3: Ljubljana emerged as the undisputed cultural center of the Slovene Lands 4: Connecticut to the Massachusetts border as well as undisputed claim to Rye 5: Bismarck held undisputed control over the government's policies. 6: It is undisputed that the Internal Revenue Collector of the Port of St. 7: In 1997, Hingis became the undisputed World No. 8: Facts undisputed 9: Heredity also designates the undisputed biological Done, under which descendants are spread not only the specific type, but some characters single parents, or even more distant ancestors 10: It remains undisputed that
Undisputed ki paribhasha : sharir ke antargat paaanch vaayuon men se ek vaayu jisaka sthaan naabhi maana gaya hai

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The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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