Uneven meaning in hindi | Uneven ka matlab 

Uneven meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Uneven 
Usage of Uneven: 1: an uneven color 2: the tires showed uneven wear 3: Please use the file to remove uneven surface. 4: They had to remake the uneven wall. 5: This area should be made flat as a pancake by removing all uneven ground. 6: this book is, to put it baldly, an uneven work. 7: This led him to the conclusion that the Moon was "rough and uneven 8: Population distribution is extremely uneven 9: The uneven north Anatolian terrain running along the Black Sea resembles a long 10: Wealth distribution in India is fairly uneven
Uneven ki paribhasha : vah vratt jisake chaaron charanon men baraabar baraabar akshar na hon, balki kam aur jyaada akshar hon ooanchaanicha

Usage of Uneven in sentences

The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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