Unfavorable meaning in hindi | Unfavorable ka matlab 

Unfavorable meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Unfavorable 
Usage of Unfavorable: 1: In response to many unfavorable Supreme Court decisions 2: Although Muhammad's image in the west is much less unfavorable than in the past 3: Despite the unfavorable air pattern 4: He also said, figuratively and familiarly to anyone to whom the opinion is favorable, unfavorable 5: He said specifically that of balls, depending on their white or black, were in favorable or unfavorable some games or in examinations 6: It also means Conjecture, favorable or unfavorable opinion that is not the result of positive evidence 7: It also means Who adds the word unfavorable idea 8: It also says things that pass the state they were in an unfavorable condition 9: It is not usual that in these phrases: opposing Fortune, Fortune contrary, unfavorable 10: It is said now that in a sense unfavorable

Usage of Unfavorable in sentences

The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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