Unqualified meaning in hindi | Unqualified ka matlab 

Unqualified meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Unqualified 
Usage of Unqualified: 1: an unqualified denial 2: Her performance deserves unqualified praise. 3: He was unqualified for the job. 4: The committee winkled out the unqualified candidates 5: The test showed up the candidate as unqualified . 6: It also means Employing unqualified 7: It still means Who contrast, opposition unqualified 8: TRANCHER also means contrast, opposition unqualified
Unqualified ki paribhasha : snskrat aur hindi varnamaala ka pahala akshar nirvivaad praapt bauddh shaastr ke anusaar maitraayani ke ek putr ka naam

Usage of Unqualified in sentences

The word can be used as adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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