Utensil meaning in hindi | Utensil ka matlab 

Utensil meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Utensil 
Usage of Utensil: 1: A kitchen utensil that one passes through the meat you want to roast it and turns before the fire, with either hand, or using a mechanism 2: Cover a metal utensil of a molten tin layer, to prevent it from oxidizing 3: He often said of a small table utensil in which puts an egg to eat boiled 4: household utensil in which you put the fire to heat the dishes, to keep dishes hot and for other uses 5: iron utensil to TWEEZERS, plural 6: kitchen utensil made as a flat spoon, pierced with several small holes and serves skimming 7: kitchen utensil used to cook food 8: Kitchen utensil used to roast meat 9: POUDRIÈRE also said the utensil in which you put the powder to dry writing 10: utensil table where they put the bottles containing liquors
Utensil ki paribhasha : charakhe ki vah lakadi jisamen takala laga rahata hai mitti ya dhaatu aadi ki is prakaar bani vastu ki usamen koi vastu, visheshataः khaane pine ki, rakh saken

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The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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