Vegetation meaning in hindi | Vegetation ka matlab 

Vegetation meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Vegetation 
Usage of Vegetation: 1: Pleistocene vegetation 2: The main branches of vegetation production in the region include cereals 3: 1,665 meters long, which is completely covered with vegetation and unusable. 4: Sparse vegetation is found along its 499 km long coastline. 5: A few tracts of clifftop and seashore vegetation have been preserved. 6: All these factors contribute to the extremely diverse Tasmanian vegetation 7: Native vegetation on South Georgia is limited to grasses 8: The dominant vegetation of the Territory is 9: The vegetation surrounding the city is called "cerrado" 10: Much of the Catlins' coastal vegetation has been cleared for farmland
Vegetation ki paribhasha : patti, phoola, phal aadi jo pakaakar khaaye jaayan vah vraksh jisamen phool na ho arthaat na dikhaayi pade keval phal hi hon

Usage of Vegetation in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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