Vermilion meaning in hindi | Vermilion ka matlab 

Vermilion meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Vermilion 
Usage of Vermilion: 1: Red vermilion goes well with her dress 2: Coat, painted vermilion 3: Having flat lips, thin, thick, fresh, red, vermilion 4: Put apply vermilion 5: The drapery this table is made with vermilion lacquer and 6: The vermilion cheeks, her lips 7: vermilion lips
Vermilion ki paribhasha : ek khanij padaarth jo chin aadi deshon men nikalata hain iangur ko pisakar banaaya hua ek prakaar ka laal rng ka choorn jise saubhaagyavati hindou striyaaan apani maaang men bharati hain

Usage of Vermilion in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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