Vigilance meaning in hindi | Vigilance ka matlab 

Vigilance meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Vigilance 
Usage of Vigilance: 1: This made the cock a symbol for both vigilance and betrayal. 2: Deceiving the vigilance of someone, someone Deceive despite his vigilance, his escape monitoring 3: It is a strong vigilance inspector 4: It still means vigilance Care, exact search 5: Sitting on the vigilance of others 6: The prisoner managed to escape the vigilance of his guards 7: The rooster is the emblem of vigilance 8: Tricking someone vigilance
Vigilance ki paribhasha : kisi brata, parv ya dhaarmik utsav ke upalaksh men athava isi prakaar ke kisi aur avasar par bhagavadabhajan karate hue saari raat jaagana

Usage of Vigilance in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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