Wages meaning in hindi | Wages ka matlab 

Wages meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Wages 
Usage of Wages: 1: unpaid wages 2: wages were pitifully low, particularly the wages of women 3: Home costs are going up as well as wages of employees. 4: This may include the negotiation of wages 5: As workers channelled their wages into leisure activities 6: Malthus argued that as wages increase within an economy 7: Cited for sub-minimal wages 8: The Tennessee income tax does not apply to salaries and wages 9: All wages of a Connecticut resident are subject to the state's income tax 10: Supply will increase as wages increase
Wages ki paribhasha : ek chij lekar doosari chij dena pairon se kuchali hui mitti, kichad va gaara vah dhan jo kisi ko koi kaam karane ke badale men diya jaay bojh dhone ka ya isi prakaar ka aur koi chhota mota kaam

Usage of Wages in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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