Wise meaning in hindi | Wise ka matlab 

Wise meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Wise 
Usage of Wise: 1: in no wise 2: You should not have any objection to this wise plan. 3: He smirked aty his wise crack. 4: It is wise to vaccinate children against polio 5: The wise professor left her mark on her students . 6: It is not wise to welsh on a bet . 7: The cops are wise to the plan . 8: Some youths were street wise and took advantage of the sculptor. 9: This was probably a wise decision 10: William of Tyre called Manuel "a wise and discreet prince of great magnificence
Wise ki paribhasha : shrrangaar ras men naayak ka ek bhed abhipraayasaadhan ka maarg vah jo abhiyogon aadi ka nyaay karata ho saahity men kisi vishay ka varnan karane men vishish padarachana arthaat varnon ki vah yojana jisase aaja, prasaad ya maadhury aata hai praarthana ya aadesh ke uttar men prashn ke nahin svikratisoochak shabd

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The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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