Wont meaning in hindi | Wont ka matlab 

Wont meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Wont 
Usage of Wont: 1: I wont stand for this kind of behavior! 2: incidentally, I wont go to the party 3: I wont eat that poison. 4: The insurance wont cover the colossal loss of property. 5: Such a thing wont be used in the forseeable future. 6: This job wont take much effort. 7: He wont take the money because it is his question of amour propre. 8: It also means Having custom in this phrase, He was wont to go, to 9: It still means Who wont to do something, therein supported by inclination or habit 10: It takes amiss and thought of those who are wont to do intrusive questions
Wont ki paribhasha : mool ya pradhaan gun jo sada bana rahe sada bana rahanevaala mool ya pradhaan gun baar baar kisi kaam ko karana

Usage of Wont in sentences

The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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