Worrying meaning in hindi | Worrying ka matlab 

Worrying meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Worrying 
Usage of Worrying: 1: The soldiers stood by the post without worrying about any bodily harm. 2: I keep worrying about my old car breaking down . 3: Manner of acting without impose discomfort, without worrying about embarrassment or displeasure that may cause 4: Not being in the wedding party, being in a difficult situation, worrying 5: OBSERVATION also told the attentive monitoring that subjecting people or animals whose condition is worrying 6: Take time as it comes, not worrying about anything and accommodate all the events 7: Take time as it comes, not worrying about anything, to accommodate all events 8: This case takes a bad look, a worrying pace 9: , being inconsiderate, says the People take their ease, without worrying about the embarrassment or displeasure they can cause

Usage of Worrying in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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