Worthwhile meaning in hindi | Worthwhile ka matlab 

Worthwhile meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Worthwhile 
Usage of Worthwhile: 1: It is worthwhile to put the amount in the bank . 2: It is worthwhile to look for the sources of such heroism". 3: It is a risky undertaking but in the end it is worthwhile 4: Say it is worthwhile being associated with the devil 5: One is that behaviour is goal-directed and worthwhile . 6: And ironically You where a beautiful operation, this is a fine operation, you have not done anything worthwhile 7: I gave him the book, he did nothing worthwhile 8: In worthwhile also told People 9: It is also said of the soul He is easily moved by what is just, generous, worthwhile 10: This thing, this case is well worth thinking about it, we think it worthwhile , It is important and deserves to take time to deliberate
Worthwhile ki paribhasha : upayog men laaya hua

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The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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