Meaning of (अकरखन) akarakhana in english - (अकरखन) Akarakhana meaning 

Meaning of (अकरखन) akarakhana in english

Suggested : the power or action of fascinating the act, power, or property of attracting Theology a divinely conferred gift or power to attract or tempt by something flattering or desirable a natural liking for or attraction to a person, thing, idea, etc
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Usage of अकरखन: 1. I share a special affinity with her. 2. Villagers get easily carried away by the false allure of city-life. 3. His charisma is startling. 4. Polar zones are very cold.
The attraction or repulsion shows the polar nature of magnet.
5. Public fascination with the dark side of human nature 6. he wrote with great flamboyance 7. " It means still be favored by fate in a distribution in sharing I caught the wrong number This player is happy, he always catches the right cards We were given horses, but I did not catch the best What prize did you catch? Fam , Catcher that can, says, literally and figuratively, speaking of Any distribution should benefit many, but where the greatest number, ruled by force or the address of the other, can have no by CATCH sometimes means Hitting, hitting A stone caught him on the forehead, on the temple By throwing a stick, he caught me in the leg, arm In terms of Manege This horse is caught, He gives reached by walking It still says figuratively, talking thoughts or characters, we grabbed Similarities to express, make, reproduce Attraper the thought of an author that is translated It has caught the meaning of this passage This poet has caught the character of a jealous This author has caught the nature of ancient Greeks, ancient Romans This artist has caught the manner of Raphael This painter has caught your likeness In that sense he is familiar The one, the one who cheats, who gets artificially It girls a catcher, a probate catcher Who the attractiveness Speech attractive Work attractive Beauty attractive This woman has nothing attractive There is nothing as attractive as her manner Giving someone a benefit, a prerogative, a job Formerly, the first charges of the state were awarded great privileges The emoluments were attributed to this job What functions did you assigned to that judge? The knowledge of such matters assigned to them It also says when you consider that someone is the cause, the author where the main instrument of something and someone impute means an act, lend a merit, etc this victory is credited with Do not assign him much the fault He is credited with this book, but it is not the author This general s' assigns a success that he has not been part If others attribute the book To assign rights, privileges Each of the two parties attributed the victory It is applied to things in a similar direction They attributed this phenomenon to rain It attributes this trait to education It means even affirm that a person, a thing a certain quality, a certain effect You assign him the virtues, vices he did not It has all the good qualities attributed to it It is a remedy which j ' attribute my healing What is proper and peculiar to be someone or something The immensity is God's attributes The right of grace is one of the main attributes a head of state This right was an attribute of his office In terms of logic, it means that it affirms or denies the subject of a proposal In God is all- powerful, God is the subject and omnipotent is the In terms of grammar, it means a Way to be, a condition attributed to the subject by means of an attributive verb says It is in Sick sick, he becomes ill, is a attribute There are also supplements object attributes I believe in rich, rich is the attribute of the In terms of Fine Arts and Antiquities, it means it is used to characterize a mythological or allegorical figure The Neptune trident is the attribute The sword and scales of Justice are the attributes It is said to similar effect, The attributes of an art, a science; the attributes of painting, music, astronomy, etc Jurisprudence Who provides Stopping attributive jurisdiction In terms of grammar, attributive Word, Word linking attribute on être become, look, seeming are attributive verbs Action to allocate A rights assignment edict edict prerogative, privilege were granted under letters of Prince Lettres award, the king gave authority to commissioners or a subordinate jurisdiction to try a case of last resort In terms of grammar, complement award means the Person or Thing interested in action is the subject In He gave a penny to a poor die for their country, Poor Fatherland award supplements are He said that ordinarily Rights has a person in charge of any function or that are attached to the function itself This is an award of such magistrate It is mostly used in the plural This is the Tribunal's powers of Commerce This is not, do not fall within the functions of the Minister of War, the Prefect, etc What are the duties of the judge, this official? extend the powers of a administrator This is one of its most important functions Encroach on someone's duties saddening news These are saddening memories This new m 'saddened, saddened me well It should sadden anyone It saddens wrong about Grieve not that you event Action Physics of two hard bodies that wear by a mutual friction It is through attrition we sharpens, which polishes metals In terms of theology, it means Regret for having offended God, caused by the fear of punishment purgatory or hell The attrition is not enough without the confession Action s'attrouper By order of the police, the crowds are defended The insurgency began with few crowds The armed force had orders to disperse their gathering seditious crowd Putting several people in troops and tumultuously There flocked all the rabble, all lazy to sedition It is forbidden to s 'outraged There were gathered a number of people At the sound of the tocsin, the peasants flocked around open air concert given towards daybreak, at the door or under the windows of a person Leaving a serenade Leave serenades It says figuratively and ironically an insult, a snub, a fear made with din someone He had a strange serenade, serenade a furious This sense is familiar It also wants a Kind of the old lyric open air concert given towards daybreak at the door or under the windows of a person Leaving a serenade Leave serenades It says figuratively and ironically an insult, an affront to the one made with fear din someone He had a strange serenade, serenade a furious This sense is familiar It also tells of a Kind of the old lyric Decisions of former foreign deprived of the right to test and inherit because he was not naturalized Case Law of Succession to the former property of a foreigner dying in a country where it is not naturalized The windfall belonged to the king The right of increase was abolished in France It says figuratively unexpected advantage of all that happens to someone It is a good bargain for him Moment where the rising sun light begins to whiten I got up at dawn Getting up before dawn , The dawn of a new era The dawn of healing, Victory The dawn of deliverance By analogy, he thought of an ecclesiastical garment white cloth tightly round the waist by a cord and put the officiants to celebrate Mass Gird a dawn de Botanical prickly shrub of the genus Medlar, which is able to form hedges, fences and produces small white flowers, sometimes pink or red, very sweet, arranged in clusters or umbels The hawthorn flowers in May The nightingale like hawthorn and it usually makes its nest It is also called hawthorn Including two kinds of hair color is peach blossom between white and bay, speaking of a horse It is also used as a noun to describe the color of the dress a horse aubère House where we find the table and the bed by paying It makes good food in our hostel Sunset at the inn Living in the hostel There are many inns on the road I left my horse at inn , Hold inn, Having open house, get everybody at the table This place is expensive, it forces to hold inn , Take someone's house for a hostel, S ' establish for some time, or go dine frequently uninvited nor desired Botanical nightshade species that bears white fruit similar to eggs, or elongated like cucumbers and purple, yellow or reddish He also said if the fruit of this plant Eating eggplant Eggplant fries Stuffed Eggplant both genders one, one that holds inn He eats with an innkeeper Botanical tender and whitish Party which is between the bark and the tree of the body It forms each year a new sapwood the previous year hardens and turns into wood This tree can be used to make a beam, he has too much sapwood One of the common names of the blue knapweed, also called Cornflower of Allure carousel where a horse gallops and trots in front of the hind, or vice versa Go Ride the aubin This book is the best we have done in any country on this issue Believe you know that power has no charm for me? In this sense it is used sometimes colloquially as plural pronoun and it has a double form No or Some will think I'm in love With the negative word not expressed or sub Naturally, adjective and pronoun is and means No, not a I do not know any of his friends You have no way to succeed in this case I do not want in any way Among so many books, I have none of connected It takes no care of his affairs Him do you know the enemy? No Somehow It is not used in the forms interrogative Do you support this we can no opinion? He was working in style Chancellery and Jurisprudence and meant Somehow, by some considerations The king having no regard to With the negative word not heard expressed or sub mean no means, in no way I does not want to Is that your opinion? Not at Excessive Boldness Boldness incredible, incredible, blind, furious Enter, stand, talk, respond boldly To be full of daring Repress the audacity of the wicked such audacity can it be conceived? He also said much of Generous bold Audace heroic Daring Warrior Soldiers go into battle boldly This general had the audacity to cross the river with his whole army Poets have many happy style bold In a daring way Speak boldly Reply boldly Enter boldly He threw himself boldly in the midst of enemies Who has the audacity It is bold and unscrupulous Have a look bold, bold mine In this sense, it is also used as a name It's a daring, audacious young It also works well on both mean a noble boldness Who or great intrepidity His audacious genius astonishes and captivates The bold General was not intimidated by these obstacles Project bold, audacious enterprise, etc , Project, business, etc , which ad much boldness, fearlessness It also said figuratively Style and conceptions of the mind Thought bold Bold Style Hyperbole is a figure bold Caution that is given to the one who speaks Speak, you'll audience Give me a moment's audience Prêtez- hearing me A favorable hearing These last two sentences are aging It is said particularly when talking about persons constituted in dignity employing some time to listen to those who tell them The ambassadors sent to ask hearing, were admitted at the hearing, introduced the audience with the King They were some time without hearing, without being able to obtain an audience Leave Audience Request a hearing Give hearing Give hearing The king gave their audience This Minister gives audience a certain day at a certain time To find the time of the hearing in the hearing room of the hearing Letter It also refers to the meeting in which judges listen debates Civil Audience Audience criminal Public Hearing Closed session Cause hearing Cause that must be litigated in court This case will be judged at the hearing in open court As president held the hearing that day The president promised the audience Cause at the hearing called Open the hearing This has held three hearings because The opening of hearings The hearings are over adjourn Audience Effect Formal sitting, ceremonial Hearing in which argue the most important causes, which is usually endorse the letters of pardon or commutation of sentence and where lawyers are sworn The trial courts have no formal sittings It designates extension Assembly of those who are given hearing, attending the hearing The whole audience was shocked, was amazed He used to say of the Administration who resided in the Spanish colonies L'audience Quito The audience Panama It is also employed to designate these Provinces themselves It was necessary to address the audience of Los Reyes He said again today Some courts Spanish The hearing of Valladolid Please note that we give to the speaker Speak, you'll audience Give me a moment Audience Prêtez- hearing me A favorable hearing These last two sentences are aging He said specifically speaking of People constituted in dignity employing some time to listen to those who have to their talk The ambassadors sent to ask hearing, were admitted at the hearing, introduced to the king's audience They were some time without hearing, without being able to obtain an audience Leave Audience Request a hearing Give hearing Give hearing The king gave their audience This minister gives audience a certain day at a certain time To find the time of the hearing in the the hearing room hearing Letter It also refers to the meeting in which the judges listen to the debates Civil Audience Audience criminal Public Hearing Closed session Cause audience Cause that must be litigated in court This case will be judged at the hearing in open court As president held the hearing that day The President has promised the audience Cause at the hearing called Open the hearing This case has held three hearings The opening of hearings The hearings are over adjourn Audience Effect Formal sitting, ceremonial Hearing in which argue the most important causes, which is usually endorse the letters of pardon or commutation of sentence and where lawyers come oath The trial courts have no formal sittings It designates by extension the assembly of those who are given hearing, attending the hearing Any hearing was shocked by, was amazed He used to say of the Administration who resided in the Spanish colonies The audience of Quito The audience of Panama It is also employed to denote these Provinces themselves It was necessary to address the audience of Los Reyes It is said today of some Spanish courts The hearing of Valladolid Who called causes in court Usher It was used as a noun in the title of Grand audiencier designating one of the officers of the Main Chancellery of France, whose function was to report to the Chancellor of the letters of thanks, nobility, etc A large load audiencier There were two major audienciers The one, the one who listens to a speech, a lecture, a story, a lesson, a musical performance, etc This preacher always has a large number of listeners It satisfied his listeners This piece had no success with his first listeners Volunteer Auditor, He who comes to listen to a teacher by choice, without being and without obligation to compel attendance AUDITOR means in some larger schools, young people who attend classes without having the title of students AUDITOR was also the title judicature some officers who attended the hearings of a court of appeal or a court of first instance, but who had no vote It was also said adjectively listener Judge, Hearing Officer The judges are deleted listeners today Auditor at the State Council, Auditor at the Court of Auditors, starting Officer at the State Council or the Court of Auditors, which was introduced to knowledge and in business practice In some countries, it is also a dependent title, job The auditor of a cardinal Auditor of the Nunciature Auditor rote Who belongs to the organ of hearing It is mainly used in terms of anatomy The auditory nerve Your ear auditory arteries Action to hear Explain how come the hearing It is difficult to judge a play, a musical work to a simple hearing, at the first hearing This actor, this singer has requested a hearing to a Director of theater In terms of procedure, the hearing of witnesses, the action of hearing witnesses in court and account Audition, Action hear and examine an account Place where a meeting is held to listen to speeches in public He said specifically the place where we plead in court The audience of a court A large audience As soon as he entered the audience It means more commonly Assembly all that hear a person speaking or reading in public or interpreting an opera or instrumental This teacher, a preacher always a good audience, a large audience An enthusiastic audience cheered this artist A shudder ran through the audience listener Function It is preparing for the prosecutor Peter or hollowed piece of wood used to give food and drink to horses and other pets Carry water the horses at the trough Feeding the pigs in the trough It also says a vessel timber in which the masons délaient their plaster The trough of a mason This architect began by wearing the trough , I would rather wear the trough would be better to bring the trough that make that trade, thought to mark the contempt we do a job In terms of Arts , Troughs of a waterwheel What can contain a mason trough It only takes a Augée, a half Augée plaster to fill this hole Kind of small trough where we put the eatables of birds that are fed cage Auget wood, earthenware There is nothing left in the bucket He also said, in terms of Arts , small buckets or cups placed at the circumference of a waterwheel for receiving water that makes the move It is sometimes said AUGES It also means end of the hopper of a mill in which the grain flows and is distributed on wheels old portion of the husband's property right that the law allowed to give the surviving wife in the countries of writing Right In common law countries, the dowry was called augment Douaire In terms of grammar, he said in a Addition is done at the beginning of a verb tense in certain languages, including Greek Augment syllabic, He who is in the addition of one syllable, like etupton, I knocked, imperfect tuptw, I hit Augment time, He who is in change of a brief Long as wrizon, I limited to orizw I terminal He said specifically, in terms of grammar, of some prefixes and some suffixes used to reinforce the meaning of nouns or verbs PAR and RE are augmentative prefixes Fine tuning in, sprinkle, look, feel ASSE and ASSER are augmentative suffixes in Bland, milliasse, écrivasser Action to increase or result of this action Increase pledges New salary increase L'augmentation income Increased wealth The war produced an increase in the price of colonial products He has done well in this house increases You have to pay increases and improvements Without increase Making something greater, larger, attaching another thing similar It increases its income every day He has increased his house, his train, his land Raise the price Increase the number Increase its expenditure Increase largesse Increase book It should not decrease the reward when you increase the work This also said of the people and signifies Increase their treatment, their salary Increase domestic Increase clerk, employee These workers want that increases the My range will not stay if I increases the You will be increased If INCREASE INCREASE or intransitive, meaning Growing in quality, quantity, intensity The cold is increasing The evil grows daily Their wealth has increased My evil increases It also means Hausser prices, speaking of some commodities Sugar increases The wines have increased Since the war, life has increased in considerable proportions In this sense it does not use the reflexive form Roman Antiquity Who is on auguries or who belongs to the omen Science augury The books augural omen, a sign by which we judge the future of Among the Romans, he said he was being pulled mainly Omen observation flight and birdsong Today he called Everything seems to presage, to foresee something that is Good omen, ominous Augur disaster This event is a good omen, good omen, bodes The doctor pulled auspicious this crisis I understand a positive, happy augury You assume that my business succeed, I accept the omen , It is a bird of good omen, this is a man whose arrival is expected some good news They say in the opposite direction It is a bird of ill omen Anticipating with some comments that have been made or according to some signs that we have noticed Qu'augurez you their silence ? I do not bode well I do not bode ill What can you augur? I bodes well I augur well Two kinds Who is imposing, respectable, worthy of worship The most august sacrament of the altar This august head An august protection august Character Old man august In that august temple In this august assembly This august ceremony This palace is something august Religious, religious following the rule of St Augustine A convent of Augustinian The Great, the Petits Augustins The time of day when it is It arrives today at noon He Today hot Today it is powerful, it will serve us It starts today It is not today that we know the day today is more beautiful than yesterday Today's feast Today's saint It has a fever that today It presented the case to today This will be for today I have deferred until now, or until today to give you my news It is also used as a name Today past, they will not be received with their offers We all take our measures today to On this day week in fifteen, etc , In a week, in two weeks, etc , starting today It also means, more generally, now the time when we is This was practiced in the past, but now we use other Young people today Today's mode It is also used to designate any time by compared to another who is very close, and in this sense we ordinarily opposes Tomorrow Yesterday or Today she wants one thing, tomorrow another Today on the throne and tomorrow in chains What was good yesterday can it be wrong today? These two genres used to say, in Germany, a court which had universal jurisdiction and ultimately all members and subjects of the German Empire Aulic Council Location planted alder There is a beautiful alder on the edge of the river We also write Aunaie Tree growing in moist places Plant alders The alder hooves We also write ELL What we give to the poor through charity Public Alms Bread and Alms Wine Give alms He wanted to redeem his sins by almsgiving Give alms by Giving alms Distribute handouts Multiply alms To recommend to the alms charitable people The trunk alms alms be reduced to Do good to shameful poor is a beautiful alms, alms a well-used, well-placed Charge d Chaplain He said he was particularly in the abbeys, monastic Certain profit allocated to the distribution of alms The chaplaincy of Saint-Denis in France Chaplaincy of St Germain des Pres The great chaplaincy France, The office of Grand Chaplain The house and the hotel's grand chaplain Who often alms to the poor This prince was very chaplain She is very chaplain Ordinary Ecclesiastical whose function was to distribute the alms those to whom he was attached, to tell them the Mass to evening prayers and morning, etc Grand Chaplain of France First King chaplain Ordinary King Chaplain Chaplain district Chaplain of the common Chaplain of Queen The chaplain of a bishop The chaplain of a princess, a nobleman It is said of today Ecclesiastical attached to some body, some institutions to teach religion and spiritually direct the The chaplain of a regiment, a hospital, a school, a prison The chaplain a vessel Kind of scholarship that was formerly the belt Fur whose canons, the chaplains and the singers once covered the head and they are usually on the arm Wear the amice amice small gray The amice chaplains and singers differs from that of the canons Measuring the yardstick Number of alders that contains a piece of cloth, canvas, etc Making good aunage The aunage is not good The dealer wins on aunage Check aunage a piece of cloth aunage The following pieces of cloth of different manufactures old Measuring 3 feet 7 inches 10 5/6 lines, equivalent to 1 meter 188 Measure the yardstick Vendre the yardstick This piece of canvas to twenty ells twenty yards of linen piece A yard and a half It also means the same length stick which was used to measure Aune rail at both ends It also said the measured Thing A yard of cloth A yard of linen, lace, ribbon , After the yardstick takes the sheet, must not be surprised to see that things are lacking when you have spent as much as could be , men are not measured by the yardstick, must not judge their deserves their size , Measuring the others to his yardstick, Judging others by himself It usually takes offense at He still believes we want deceive, it measures other its yardstick , Knowing that this is the yardstick, is said of the Things That experience has shown to be difficult, unpleasant, painful, high spending, etc He had trial, knows that this is the yardstick I have been there, I know that this is the yardstick , All the way to the light, Many, too On the beat, it was, they gave him all the way to the light If he loses the case, he will have all the way to the light He debauchery, he has taken, he is given all along the yardstick Botanical plant of the composite family, whose root, aromatic and bitter, is used in medicine as stomachic Measure the yardstick Auner a piece of cloth, a piece of cloth Before, when speaking of a time Priority If you want to go, tell us in advance what to do I had long ago warned A month, a year earlier In the neighborhood, in the vicinity of His home is with mine The river passes near this city It is housed at the Palace When he is angry, he is not good to him He just from the Palace to the Place Royale with It could not be admitted to the Minister, he could not be introduced to the minister, to maintain it Having access, have free access to a person, Having ease talking to him, to maintain it when you want to Find protection from someone, be protected in This also said of the living room, the usual and frequent presence of a person from another This young lady has always lived with his parents My son for several days with me This patient has with him a very skilled doctor There is much to enjoy with him The Ambassador of His Britannic Majesty to the French Republic I have with me a very intelligent servant The tutor is no longer with my children It was removed from them to It still means figuratively in the spirit in someone's opinion It is well with his chiefs, to ministers Find favor with someone It seeks to harm me with you If anyone justify to He served with the Minister I'd argue with him all the services you have rendered to the cause It also means Priced, compared to Your evil is nothing compared to hers The earth is but a point to the rest of the universe WITH THE works without elliptically as an adverb I can see that if I am with His cabin was isolated ; flowed from a spring of living water elongated and bright frame which painters surround an entire character and which is reserved to God and the Virgin It is usually said with a bright circle which painters surround usually the head of the saints He said, by extension, some light phenomena that provide the appearance of a circle The nucleus of this comet was surrounded by a halo It means figuratively Degree glory distinguishes the saints in heaven The halo of martyrs The halo of virgins It is said, by extension, the halo of martyrdom The halo of victory Entourer a halo Who of both genders over the ear auricular nerve atrial Conduit atrial Veins atrial Finger, The little finger of the hand, because his small size allows it to be introduced into the ear It is used as a name atrial Witness, Witness who has heard with his own ears it deposits as opposed to Eyewitness auricular confession, Confession is done in secret in the ear of the priest, as opposed to public confession Who wears the two genres, which contains gold Gold Region Gold River Gold Sands Dental Surgery Action aurifier Dental Surgery Seal a hollow tooth with leaves gold Marine Who ropes or four sides, trapezoidal, speaking of some sails The veils of lougres, those hunting-tides are gaff sails doctor who treats infections Ear Species of wild bull called aurochs otherwise Beef and Ure Species Botanical sagebrush shrub that is grown in the gardens because of the lemony smell of leaves and has almost the same qualities as wormwood bright pink glow and which appears in the sky before the sun is on the horizon The breaking of the day The dawn was just breaking in dawn The glare of the dawn The lights of the aurora Poetically and personification, L'Aurore rosy-fingered The tears of the Dawn, Morning dew , This is the dawn of a beautiful day, said he was a happy event that heralds greater happiness aurora color, golden yellow Species taffeta, satin color of dawn By affixing a ribbon aurora, aurora satin, etc Aurora Borealis, Luminous phenomenon which sometimes appears at night in the North side of heaven There are also Southern Lights This says figuratively, in high style, the Beginning of things I have seen the dawn of this beautiful kingdom The dawn of life This great genius was at its dawn A beauty in its dawn, A beautiful person is very young It sometimes means, especially in poetry, the Levant, the countries that are on the east From sunset to dawn The climates of dawn Share Medical auscultation It is through auscultation that since Laennec, doctors recognize some internal lesions Auscultation revealed the progress of the evil Realize auscultation Medical listen, applying ear there, the sounds that occur in the chest, heart or vessels Auscultate a sick Manner of Roman antiquity to consult and know the future by theft, birds singing and how eating the sacred chickens The Greeks and Romans attached great importance to the auspices Happy auspices The auspices were favorable to him, him were contrary The emperors took the auspices for the entire Roman army The general success was reported in the auspices of the emperors who had been , Under the auspices of someone, Under his leadership, with his support, his favor, protection I undertake this affair under your auspices He entered the military career under the auspices of the General Minister of the , under happy auspices, in sad under unfavorable auspices, in circumstances that portend some success or some setbacks, some misfortune, etc Similarly, as You want it, and I also It is often used for Encore, more It gave him such a thing, and this also Tell him from me as he does this process It also means that reason, because of that It serves a master who treats the wrong way, also he wants to leave These fabrics are beautiful, cost as they loved It wears well with everyone, as all world abandons It still serves to mark Compliance, the report with a proposal that precedes We must be grateful, as it is It would have been wrong to use it so, too did he not It was stolen overnight but why nobody he has to keep his house? It is often of comparison means and far, also It is as wise as brave It is as affable as his brother's gruff It also lives a hermit soberly It is also you complain He also sees clear in this case that person This book is valuable, but there are equally good The worker is no longer working as well as before, no longer works as well I know this as well as you We must listen to the poor as well as rich The second term of comparison can be understood How could such a wise man he l east has he done such a fault? BOTH serves to make because of a previous proposal I will not go there as well is it too late I have no need of prayer in both do me écouterait- it not" 8. her love of music remains her one saving grace 9. He has animal magnetism thats why people are drawn to him. 10. his smile was part of his appeal to her
(अकरखन) akarakhana can be used as noun. and have more than one meaning. No of characters: 5 including vowels consonants. The word is used as Noun in hindi and falls under Masculine gender originated from modification of Sanskrit language by locals . Transliteration : akarakhana 
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