Meaning of (अबली) abalee in english - (अबली) Abalee meaning 

Meaning of (अबली) abalee in english

Other : suite
Suggested : a mark or stroke long in proportion to its breadth, made with a pen, pencil, tool, etc, on a surface a folder, cabinet, or other container in which papers, letters, etc, are arranged in convenient order for storage or reference to cause to move around on an axis or about a center rotate a braid of hair worn hanging down behind a number of persons or things arranged in a line , especially a straight line
Exampleअबली का हिन्दी मे अर्थ

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Usage of अबली: 1. It's a tough row to hoe, but hoe it you will . 2. Children stand in a queue to attend the prayer. 3. afraid even to turn his head 4. There was a long file of people at the poling booth. 5. The buildings all line up neatly 6. his speech was garbled 7. The Nepōhualtzintzin amounted to the rank from 10 to the 18 in floating point 8. She has drwan a line across the page . 9. The mountain range divides the two countries 10. The bullet train drew into Tokyo Station
(अबली) abalee can be used as noun. and have more than one meaning. No of characters: 4 including vowels consonants matras. The word is used as Noun in hindi and falls under Feminine gender originated from Sanskrit language . Transliteration : abalii 
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