Meaning of (भिन्न) bhinn in english - (भिन्न) Bhinn meaning 

Meaning of (भिन्न) bhinn in english

Suggested : lacking in harmony between the different parts or elements self-contradictory of different kinds, as two or more things differing one from another of recent origin, production, purchase, etc having but lately come or been brought into being diverging differing deviating of a different kind, form, character, etc unlike
Exampleभिन्न का हिन्दी मे अर्थ

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Usage of भिन्न:
1. भारत ने कश्मीर पर विदेश सचिव स्तर की वार्ता करने के पाकिस्तान के प्रस्ताव को ठुकरा दिया और स्पष्ट किया कि आतंकवाद ही उसके साथ संबंधों के केंद्र में है जिस पर उसके भिन्न दृष्टिकोण ने द्विपक्षीय संबंधों की प्रगति को मुश्किल बना दिया हैlivehindustan.com2. जब स्वार्थ और वासना के दायरे से उठकर आत्मा का अनंत विस्तार हो जाता है तो अपने से भिन्न कुछ लगता ही नहीं jagran.com3. एक कैरेक्टर दूसरे कैरेक्टर से एकदम भिन्न दिखे, इसके लिए सबसे पहले कलर टचअप करना पड़ता है
1. Virginia has a diverse economy with several important industries 2. Lines divergent 3. '" Grace's new co-star 4. Galilei created sketches of various inventions 5. In 1982 about 1.7 million foreign tourists visited the Bahamas 6. The House of Lords also has several Select Committees. 7. continued fraction, fraction the denominator of which is composed of an integer and another fraction, which also has a denominator integer and a fraction, and so on 8. A separate EU "Working Group" also issued a report in April 2004 9. Absinth is a spelling variant that is often seen in central Europe. 10. He spoke five different languages: Flemish
(भिन्न) bhinn can be used as noun or adjective and have more than one meaning. No of characters: 5 including consonants matras. The word is used as Noun and/or Adjective in hindi and falls under Masculine gender originated from Sanskrit language . Transliteration : bhinna
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