Meaning of chidachida in english - Chidachida meaning 

Meaning of chidachida in english

Interpreting chidachida - चिड़चिडा
As noun : morose snake gourd
As adjective : fretful petulant touchy tetchy
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Usage of चिड़चिडा: 1. This is a very morose man 2. petulant mood 3. It is said in the same direction is touchy about Honorary 4. He is a tetchy person. 5. Cynic philosophy, doctrine cynical philosophers 6. It also means Caprice, oddity, moody access that takes suddenly 7. NERVOUS also says a person who has sensitive nerves, irritable 8. A woman cantankerous 9. It is not usual that in speaking of sour Manner in which we speak or are written 10. March suffered a nervous breakdown.
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chidachida No of characters: 8 including consonants matras. Transliteration : chiDachiDaa 
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