Meaning of chhan in english - Chhan meaning 

Meaning of chhan in english

Interpreting chhan - छन्
Suggested : Prosody a break , especially a sense pause, usually near the middle of a verse, and marked in scansion by a double vertical line , as in know then thyself ‖ presume not God to scan
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Usage of छन्: 1. He lives only for the moment . 2. A lack of normal breath sounds 3. Despite its 8:32 minute length 4. It was in this form that the piece was first published . 5. shake in different directions 6. The highest point of the area is the Írott-kő in the Alps, at 882 metres. 7. All ships were engulfed in an instant 8. Device snapshot or elliptically, Instant, device used to make instant photographs 9. Tom and Harry stepped outside for a moment .
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chhan . No of characters: 3 including consonants matras. Transliteration : Chan
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