Meaning of chhanda in english - Chhanda meaning 

Meaning of chhanda in english

Interpreting chhanda - छंदा
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Usage of छंदा: 1. Special subscription plans are offered to schools 2. This caused the new moon of its first month to be called molad tohu . 3. But Mozart's contribution to opera seria was more mixed 4. In terms of grammar, indirect complement, one that relates indirectly, that is ie by an expressed or sub heard preposition, the word which he completes the meaning 5. A donation is right revoked by occurrence of children 6. Though the collection numbers only around 2,200 pieces 7. Like the Islamic collection 8. Encarta is available online by subscription 9. Accept a donation 10. Because of the community contribution necessary to serve iftar dinners
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chhanda No of characters: 4 including consonants matras. Transliteration : Cha.ndaa
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