Meaning of dhad in english - Dhad meaning 

Meaning of dhad in english

Interpreting dhad - धड़्
Other : trunk torso trunk
Suggested : Anatomy the part of the trunk in humans and higher vertebrates between the neck and the abdomen, containing the cavity, enclosed by the ribs, sternum, and certain vertebrae, in which the heart, lungs, etc, are situated chest
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Usage of धड़्: 1. The torso of Belvedere in the Vatican 2. His wrinkled trunk was like that of an African elephant. 3. Boeing stretched the fuselage an extra 91 cm ahead of 4. It includes Lough Neagh, at , the largest body of water in the UK and Ireland. 5. The world's largest factory for barrel cheese 6. This man too short torso to the length of his legs 7. The trunk is also used for drinking.
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dhad can be used as noun.. No of characters: 4 including consonants matras. Transliteration : dhaD
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