Meaning of ek chauthai phut in english - Ek Chauthai Phut meaning 

Meaning of ek chauthai phut in english

Interpreting ek chauthai phut - एक चौथाइ फुट
As noun : quarter
Suggested : one of the four equal or equivalent parts into which anything is or may be divided
Exampleएक चौथाइ फुट का हिन्दी मे अर्थSynonyms of ek chauthai phut 

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Usage of एक चौथाइ फुट: 1. Roughly one quarter of the Athenian population died.
ek chauthai phut can be used as noun.. No of characters: 12 including vowels consonants matras. Transliteration : eka chauthaai phuTa
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