Meaning of ek kan jiv in english - Ek Kan Jiv meaning 

Meaning of ek kan jiv in english

Interpreting ek kan jiv - एक कण जीव
As noun : protozoan
Suggested : any of a diverse group of eukaryotes, of the kingdom Protista, that are primarily unicellular, existing singly or aggregating into colonies, are usually nonphotosynthetic, and are often classified further into phyla according to their capacity for and means of motility, as by pseudopods, flagella, or cilia
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Usage of एक कण जीव: 1. The disease is caused by protozoan parasites of the genus Plasmodium.
ek kan jiv can be used as noun.. No of characters: 9 including vowels consonants matras. Transliteration : eka kaNa jiiva
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