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हिंदी मे अर्थ Meaning in english उदाहरण
Transliterated examples :
1. • 1838 "opinion left"; left political current of extreme left 2. • he seemed morally revived and full enjoyment of his faculties at all times of the holy Ceremonies) When it came to extreme unction, as he went out a hand, the priest who said: 3. 1 Until my veins parte This terrible, horrible quartan Who consumes me and the body and the heart, and made me live in extreme languor 4. 15 In him the fear of error is rather expressed by some inconsistency, as among those politicians who are said to give pledges to the extreme parties 5. a) I met a few stages in women's girls, extreme flowers of these Breton nobility families (MONTHERL

Given are the examples of hindi word atisaya usage in english sentences. The examples of atisaya are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., extreme, excessively, keen, extortionate.

Organisations keen on developing effective communication should adopt suitable measures to overcome the barriers and improve communication effectiveness.

Climate: People usually avoid extreme climates that are very hot or very cold like Sahara desert, polar regions of Russia, Canada and Antarctica.
In other words, the ionization enthalpy of the extreme left element in a period is the least and the electron gain enthalpy of the element on the extreme right is the highest negative (note : noble gases having completely filled shells have rather positive electron gain enthalpy values).
Thus, the maximum chemical reactivity at the extreme left (among alkali metals) is exhibited by the loss of an electron leading to the formation of a cation and at the extreme right (among halogens) shown by the gain of an electron forming an anion.
The normal oxide formed by the element on extreme left is the most basic.
The reactivity on the left extreme of a period is because of the ease of electron loss (or low ionization enthalpy).
We will now learn about the places in the world where people have learned to cope with extreme harsh temperatures; in some places as hot as fire and some as cold as ice.
These are characterised by low rainfall, scanty vegetation and extreme temperatures.
National Highways link extreme parts of the country.
Kochi is the extreme south-western port, located at the entrance of a lagoon with a natural harbour.
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