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धनबाद के पूर्व पुलिस उपाधीक्षक विधि व्यवस्था अमित कुमार समेत पांच लोगों के खिलाफ सदर थाना में अनैतिक देह व्यापार कराने का आरोप लगाते हुए प्राथमिकी दर्ज करायी गयी है -इससे क्षेत्र में अनैतिक गतिविधियों को बढ़ावा मिल रहा है - इसके बाद पुलिस ने सोमवार शाम पार्क में अनैतिक स्थिति में घूमने वाले प्रेमी जोड़ों के खिलाफ अभियान चलाया
- तेहरान साइबर क्राइम कोर्ट के प्रमुख जावेद बाबेई के मुताबिक, "ये अनैतिक और इस्लाम विरोधी संस्कृति फैला रहे थे शहरके आरटीअाई कार्यकर्ता ने सोलन तहसील में हो रही फ्लैट की रजिस्ट्री को लेकर बिल्डराें काे अनैतिक लाभ पहुंचाने का आरोप लगाया है bhaskar.comUsage and Example of anaitik 1. Far from the sometimes sordid realism of the American West Blueberry, Moebius's work becomes a reflection of the spiritual research of the author 2. Further, browsing through the path that goes from the mundane to the sordid and macabre, Euripides loves to transform its scenes "things seen 3. On syncopated jazz rhythms, the outline of a brutal sordid drama takes segmental shape and look of "canulard" 4. Ribemont Dessaignes, disgusted by the sordid side of the trial, ostensibly leaves the room 5. The ghetto of Venice, Milan Jewish Quarter of a modern city (Morocco, is said mellah) Area where Jews were forced to reside The extermination of the Warsaw Ghetto, when one of the locals once I crossed the ghettos of Galicia, of Bohemia and Hungary, and saw these sordid Jews in their souquenilles muddy (

Given are the examples of hindi word anaitik usage in english sentences. The examples of anaitik are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., sordid, immoral, unethical, vicious, unlawful, unmoral, wrongful, grubby, dishonourable, wrong, unprincipled, aberrant, seamy, unwholesome, dishonorable, amoral, unscrupulous, against nature.

In India, the consumer movement as a social force originated with the necessity of protecting and promoting the interests of consumers against unethical and unfair trade practices.

Normally, such barriers result on account of use of wrong words, faulty translations, different interpretations etc.
For example, the book-keeper may debit a correct amount in the wrong account while making the journal entry or in posting a journal entry to the ledger.
Error while posting a journal entry: a journal entry may not have been posted properly to the ledger, i.e., posting made either with wrong amount or on the wrong side of the account or in the wrong account.
Error in recording a transaction in the journal: making a reverse entry, i.e., account to be debited is credited and amount to be credited is debited, or an entry with wrong amount.
Error in recording a transaction in subsidiary book with wrong name or wrong amount.
These are the errors which are committed due to wrong posting of transactions, wrong totalling or balancing of the accounts, wrong casting of the subsidiary books, or wrong recording of amount in the books of original entry, etc.
If the difference between the debit and credit columns is divisible by 2, there is a possibility that an amount equal to one-half of the difference may have been posted to the wrong side of another ledger account.
Examples of such errors are complete omission to record an entry in the books of original entry; wrong recording of transactions in the book of accounts; complete omission of posting to the wrong account on the correct side.
Examples of such errors are error of casting; error of carrying forward; error of balancing; error of posting to correct account but with wrong amount; error of posting to the correct account but on the wrong side; posting to the wrong side with the wrong amount; omitting to show an account in the trial balance.
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