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Transliterated examples :
1. But this opposition is only possible insofar as the subject is able to resist the devouring activity of the subject; it must be endowed with the same force 2. But we can also look for it, more proactively, the announcement of a new power in a consolidated European framework likely to resist American hegemony by imposing on it a partnership 3. Despite many vicissitudes, aesthetic and socio-political, it continues to resist the misunderstandings, the censorship, the labels and the most diverse enthusiasms 4. He did not know "modernize" enough of this political institutions together so they resist a few years of anarchy 5. He then takes the stature of the national hero who dares to resist the Russians

Given are the examples of hindi word aprabhaavit rahana usage in english sentences. The examples of aprabhaavit rahana are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., resist, be lost on.

It is generally seen that individuals in an organisation resist change as it often means moving from a familiar, secure environment into a newer and more challenging one.

Generally, people have a tendency to resist changes in the organisation.
The Meiji regime, which assumed power in Japan in 1868, believed that Japan needed to industrialise in order to resist Western domination.
Laws can have little impact unless people resist attempts to mislead and divide people in the name of caste and religion.
You have also seen how people resist policies and actions that harm their interests or go against their sentiments.
The solutions which resist change in pH on dilution or with the addition of small amounts of acid or alkali are called Buffer Solutions.
Alloys give steel unusual hardness, toughness, or ability to resist rust.
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