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Given are the examples of hindi word abhiruchi usage in english sentences. The examples of abhiruchi are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., hobby, fancy, concern, option.

Social competence (respect for social order, commitment to elders, the young and the needy, concern about others, recognising others perspectives).

But the basic questions of the study of macroeconomics would remain the same and you will find that these are actually the broad economic questions that concern all citizens Will the prices as a whole rise or come down? Is the employment condition of the country as a whole, or of some sectors of the economy, getting better or is it worsening? What would be reasonable indicators to show that the economy is better or worse? What steps, if any, can the State take, or the people ask for, in order to improve the state of the economy? These are the kind of questions that make us think about the health of the country s economy as a whole.
These deeper issues are a matter of concern for those who believe in democracy.
This is a matter of serious concern as it puts even the unborn baby at the risk of malnutrition.
In the 1960s, when the forest department of the government was not quite successful in curbing the indiscriminate felling of trees in large numbers, people of the economically backward Uttarakhand region expressed their concern through the Chipko movement, which became stronger because of devastating floods in 1970.
We will concern ourselves with physical health in this section as you have already read about mental health in the previous chapters.
As we discussed in the chapter on political parties, the most important concern should be to increase and improve the quality of political participation by ordinary citizens.
Lately, there has been a growing concern that even if there is ample water to meet the needs of the people, much of it may be polluted by domestic and industrial wastes, chemicals, pesticides and fertilisers used in agriculture, thus, making it hazardous for human use.
Besides, he might forget her, or he might take a fancy to somebody else.
He only shivered in the cold and became embarrassed when the carters jeered at him for his idleness, his feebleness, and his tattered, fancy overcoat.
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