ahoraabahoraa example and sentences

हिंदी मे अर्थ Meaning in english उदाहरण
Transliterated examples :
1. Compiled from a sample of 153 Belgian families, these laws were then repeatedly checked and is the origin of the modern analyzes of consumption in terms of elasticity 2. Finally, and although it has been repeatedly challenged, it seems that the so-called Wallace Line (named after the English naturalist Wallace R 3. However, he kept his own color and repeatedly opposed the will of the sovereign 4. In over thirty years of work, the school Chomsky has repeatedly changed model, and is strongly opposed by the very people who have been trained by it 5. It binds to Rome with a woman who embodies in his eyes the ideal of classical beauty and has repeatedly represented (Nana)

Given are the examples of hindi word ahoraabahoraa usage in english sentences. The examples of ahoraabahoraa are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., repeatedly, over and over again, recurrently, times without number, time and again, repetitiously, time and time again, time after time, a great deal, repetitively.

It needs to be observed that accounting ratios exhibit relationship, if any between accounting numbers extracted from financial statements, they are essentially derived numbers and their efficacy depends a great deal upon the basic numbers from which they are calculated.

When many year figureures are kept side by side, they help a great deal in exploring the trends visible in the business.
Ratios help a great deal in explaining the changes occurring in the business.
The information of change helps the management a great deal in understanding the current threats and opportunities and allows business to do its own SWOT (Strength- Weakness-Opportunity-Threat) analysis.
All this shows that there was a great deal of national integration long before A.
We learnt in Class , about some natural resources like soil, air and water and how various components are cycled over and over again in nature.
We all know that it is possible to communicate a great deal even without using verbal language.
After repeatedly using the patch of land, the soil looses its nutrients.
After a great deal of hard figurehting, he was now a famous commander.
The lady looked at me with the stupefied expression you would expect to receive from someone whom you have repeatedly drenched, and uttered an oath that started with “Oh”, finished with “sake” and in between had some words that I have never heard uttered in public before, certainly not by a nun.
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