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हिंदी मे अर्थ Meaning in english उदाहरण
Transliterated examples :
1. In 1966, this "art of artificial light", as defined precisely Frank Popper, is devoted in turn by the Venice Biennial, which awards the prize to Julio Le Parc 2. Let us add that he does not hesitate to build a bridge to the literature of the other Germany by awarding the prize for 1962 to Johannes Bobrowski 3. She then fell in the months following the release of the prize 4. Student of Blondel theorist Gondoin won a second prize at the Academy in 1758 5. Ten years later, Stiller (1954 French title: I'm not Stiller) was a great success and earned him the prize Georg Büchner 1958, Germany's largest literary prize

Given are the examples of hindi word inyaama usage in english sentences. The examples of inyaama are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., gratuity, prize, award, payment, talent money.

Scientists and Nobel Prize winners are likely to be strong in this component.

Not till then, when I had got a little over my fright, did I see that our teacher had on his beautiful green coat, his frilled shirt, and the little black silk cap, all embroidered, that he never wore except on inspection and prize days.
, Though promotion involves payment of extra money, non-monetary aspects over-ride monetary aspects.
Those kept Ebright busy all through high school and led to prize projects in county and international science fairs.
The persons who have advanced money to the business on long-term basis are interested in safety of their payment of interest periodically as well as the repayment of principal amount at the end of the loan period.
It expresses the relationship between profits available for payment of interest and the amount of interest payable.
A higher ratio ensures safety of interest payment debt and it also indicates availability of surplus for shareholders.
Creditors turnover ratio indicates the pattern of payment of accounts payable.
Lower ratio means credit allowed by the supplier is for a long period or it may reflect delayed payment to suppliers which is not a very good policy as it may affect the reputation of the business.
The average period of payment can be worked out by days/months in a year by the turnover rate.
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