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देश का सबसे मंहगा रिहाइशी इलाका माना जाने वाला दिल्ली के लुटियंस जोन में प्रॉपर्टी का सबसे बड़ा सौदा हुआ है कानपुर में अवैध ग्रीस कारखाने में भीषण आग, धमाकों से थर्राया इलाका मिट्ठापुर सड़क निर्माण न होने पर इलाका वासियों का प्रदर्शन
सर्जिकल स्ट्राइक के बाद भारत अलर्ट, PAK से लगा 10 KM का इलाका खालीlivehindustan.comन्यूजीलैंड का तटीय इलाका नार्थ आइलैंड गुरुवार रात 7.1 तीव्रता के भूकंप से थर्रा उठाlivehindustan.comUsage and Example of ilaaka 1. He is to get to bring constraints to generativity forms a priori principles of locality (the structure as a system of spatial connections) and purpose (control of correlations overall functional synergy) 2. Living beings in a given locality are a community in which one can identify sets which each operate a well-defined fraction of community resources 3. No specific locality has been designated for Eifelian in the narrow sense 4. The place is not known with certainty: presumably Karbal 'but, in any case, a locality in the Baghdad area 5. The theonym is also found in some place names, the most important being the former name of Aachen, Aquae Granni and Grannum, now Grand, locality of the municipality of Tranqueville-Graux (Vosges)

Given are the examples of hindi word ilaaka usage in english sentences. The examples of ilaaka are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., locality, vicinity, turf, territory, district, beat, precinct, tract, field, square, belt, neighbourhood, neck of the woods.

This person understands the address in that locality very well.

Talent is a narrower term and refers to remarkable ability in a specific field (e.g., spiritual, social, aesthetic, etc.
Aptitude refers to special abilities in a particular field of activity.
It was so warm, so bright! The birds were chirping at the edge of the woods; and in the open field back of the sawmill the Prussian soldiers were drilling.
You can also study the notes and reports that district officials prepared, or the instructions and directives that were sent by officials at the top to provincial administrators.
When she filed the case in the District Consumer Court, the Court directed the Institute to refund Rs 28,000 saying that she had the right to choose.
The State Commission upheld the district court s direction and further fined the institute Rs 25,000 for a frivolous appeal.
Prakash filed a case in a district level consumer court in New Delhi.
The district level court deals with the cases involving claims upto Rs 20 lakhs, the state level courts between Rs 20 lakhs and Rs 1 crore and the national level court deals with cases involving claims exceeding Rs 1 crore.
If a case is dismissed in district level court, the consumer can also appeal in state and then in National level courts.
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