eepsit example and sentences

हिंदी मे अर्थ Meaning in english उदाहरण
Transliterated examples :
1. Oppressive ecclesiastical regulations, governmental, municipal was needed from outside the ghetto, limiting economic and social opportunities of the Jews, reduced to only exercise the desired function by the environment 2. Pages [newspaper] and arranged in the desired order, are surrounded by a frame made of four iron bars and so-called form 3. The break between the communists and other parties, however, only after the Moscow conference (March 10-April 4 and opposition Probably Gaullist desired for several weeks by Vincent Auriol and Ramadier, the crisis broke out in early May 1947 4. The choice depends on the reactor, in fact, the type of reaction substrate and the desired use 5. The country is thus faced with a policy that has neither decided nor desired

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