urdaka example and sentences

हिंदी मे अर्थ Meaning in english उदाहरण
Transliterated examples :
1. - The dome of the Pantheon, Invalides (in Paris) 2. Low dome, forming a portion of oblate spheroid (? Skull Cap, cit topped dome, forming a portion of prolate spheroid - The dome of the Pantheon, Invalides (in Paris), the dome of St 3. The dome of Milan, the dome of Florence 4. trees pruned dome 5. A dome of foliage, greenery

Given are the examples of hindi word urdaka usage in english sentences. The examples of urdaka are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., harebell, dome, future, accretion, enhancement, waxing, conclusion, termination, end, finish, death knell, passing, expiration, lapse, expiry, close, denouement, ending, completion.

According to Shiv Nadar, the future belongs to the global enterprise which is able to transform itself according to the challenges of global economy.

In other words, it is concerned with the end result.
Some days she may spend more time in planning a future exhibition and on another day she may spend time in sorting out an employee s problem.
The knowledge of aptitude can help us to predict an individual s future performance.
If aggregate output level, price level, or employment level, in the different production units of an economy, bear close relationship to each other then the task of analysing the entire economy becomes relatively easy.
When New Delhi was built, the National Museum and the National Archives were both located close to the iceregal Palace.
From the end of the nineteenth century, Census operations were held every ten years.
These details are about ingredients used, price, batch number, date of manufacture, expiry date and the address of the manufacturer.
For example, if we buy a product and find it defective well within the expiry period, we can ask for a replacement.
If the expiry period was not printed, the manufacturer would blame the shopkeeper and will not accept the responsibility.
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