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यह देखना-सुनना विचित्र है कि वैचारिक उलझाव किस प्रकार सेक्युलरिज्म और राष्ट्रवाद को एक दूसरे के सामने खड़ा कर सकता है jagran.com वैचारिक उलझाव का दौर jagran.comUsage and Example of ulajhaav
1. One would be a pacifist, anti-capitalist, the other would prefer injustice to disorder 2. PHYS thermodynamics Size S, according to a system status, which characterizes the state of disorder of it 3. Pregnancy nervous, psychological disorder which a woman feels some of the signs of pregnancy (breast enlargement, nausea, etc 4. Steric exclusion - spheres can not penetrate - are responsible for this and are the source of order (short) or the observed disorder 5. The Church leaders attempted to limit the disorder

Given are the examples of hindi word ulajhaav usage in english sentences. The examples of ulajhaav are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., implication, intricacy, tangle.

You can see that this destruction of forests has a much wider implication (Figureure 6).

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