kaaryaanvit karana example and sentences

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Transliterated examples :
1. Hired: that is paid to fulfill a particular role 2. It is on its own strengths that France must have to fulfill its recovery 3. Now, in the Apology of Socrates as the reproduced or imagined Plato (29-30), it is assumed for a moment that the accuser, Anytos, Socrates proposes to fulfill the condition that it stops? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? 4. Paul adopted the encyclical letters as a form of writing well suited to the vast pastoral ministry he had to fulfill (RENAN, St 5. Soon appears the disagreement between father and son, Frederick William being penetrated duties of his trade of king and thought to the means to fulfill them ("Cling to the real

Given are the examples of hindi word kaaryaanvit karana usage in english sentences. The examples of kaaryaanvit karana are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., execute, act out, fulfill, action, accomplish, bring into effect, put into action, bring into action, call into action, carry through, bring into operation, carry out, fulfil, put into effect, float.

Management is the process of designing and maintaining an environment in which individuals, working together in groups, efficiently accomplish selected aims.

The main objective of any organisation should be to utilise human and material resources to the maximum possible advantage, i.e., to fulfill the economic objectives of a business.
The box given below illustrates how a company can fulfill its social responsibility.
To be able to fulfill that responsibility he is assigned a certain amount of authority or the right to take a decision.
Their main task is to carry out the plans formulated by the top managers.
Organising is the management function of assigning duties, grouping tasks, establishing authority and allocating resources required to carry out a specific plan.
A very important aspect of management is to make sure that the right people with the right qualifications are available at the right places and times to accomplish the goals of the organisation.
The task of controlling involves establishing standards of performance, measuring current performance, comparing this with established standards and taking corrective action where any deviation is found.
In reality, managers are rarely able to carry out these functions in isolation.
It is through the process of coordination that a manager ensures the orderly arrangement of individual and group efforts to ensure unity of action in the realisation of common objectives.
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