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योग गुरु बाबा रामदेव ढोंगी बाबाओं पर क्रोधित हैं भक्तों की प्रार्थना सुनकर भगवान हनुमान शनिदेव पर क्रोधित हो गए और उन्हे दण्ड देने का निश्चय किया भक्तों की प्रार्थना सुनकर भगवान हनुमान शनिदेव पर क्रोधित हो गए और उन्हे दण्ड देने का निश्चय किया
Usage and Example of krodhit 1. In the world of the city, the wild countryside, agros, continues to exist as populated border areas of transhumance shepherds and woodcutters

Given are the examples of hindi word krodhit usage in english sentences. The examples of krodhit are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., desperate, fiery, black, angry, up the wall, wild.

Not till then, when I had got a little over my fright, did I see that our teacher had on his beautiful green coat, his frilled shirt, and the little black silk cap, all embroidered, that he never wore except on inspection and prize days.

Rampant food shortages, hoarding, black marketing, adulteration of food and edible oil gave birth to the consumer movement in an organised form in the 1960s.
Crafts and commerce underwent major changes as merchants and artisans (such as weavers) were moved into the Black Towns established by the European companies within these new cities.
For example, a worried person cannot communicate properly and an angry receiver cannot understand the real meaning of message.
Gently but firmly he was escorted by the security staff back home to an anxious and angry mother.
Pulses like gram (chana), pea (matar), black gram (urad), green gram (moong), pigeon pea (arhar), lentil (masoor), provide us with protein.
Paddy, soyabean, pigeon pea, maize, cotton, green gram and black gram are kharif crops, whereas wheat, gram, peas, mustard, linseed are rabi crops.
The theory of Arab origin draws support from the long, black coat with an embroidered waist-belt worn by the Kodavus.
They were all incandescent lights, so you can imagine the fiery misery of those subjected to make-up.
Margie had hoped he wouldn t know how to put it together again, but he knew how all right, and, after an hour or so, there it was again, large and black and ugly, with a big screen on which all the lessons were shown and the questions were asked.
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