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Given are the examples of hindi word klik karana usage in english sentences. The examples of klik karana are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., click.

Click at Tables object of Access, followed by double click at create table by design view.

This must be followed by right click at selected fields to mark the selected fields as primary key.
Save the table design by clicking at File item of menu bar followed by click at Save option.
First button when clicked adds a Record while a click action on the second button results in undoing the record.
If the selected controls (such as List box, combo box or SubForm) when added to the Form do not invoke the automated wizard, the control wizard need be selected by click action before selecting the control which is to be embedded on the Form for design purposes.
Finally click at Finish command button to get the initial design of the Form in run mode, if the option for entering data is exercised.
A double click at Create Form in Design iew provides a New Form dialog but the Form created in this manner is not bound to any back end database.
However, a click at New to open New Form dialog results in creating the Form, which is bound to database.
If it is not, click at the Field List button on the tool bar.
Move the pointer into the header area and click where the label is desired to be placed and then type the text of title.
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