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कहने को पीलीभीत जिला क्षेत्रफल में बहुत छोटा है पर महत्‍ता बड़ी हैlivehindustan.com हर माह 20 हेक्टेयर क्षेत्रफल में खेती तबाह jagran.com - लंदन के हीथ्रो और सिंगापुर के चांगी एयरपोर्ट को भी इसने क्षेत्रफल और सुविधाओं के मामले में पीछे छोड़ दिया है bhaskar.com
पश्चिमी कनाडा के जंगलों में लगी भयंकर आग गुरुवार रात तक फोर्ट मैकमुर्रे के 85,000 हेक्टेयर क्षेत्रफल में फैल चुकी गई और अब यह शहर के दक्षिण इलाके की ओर बढ़ रही हैlivehindustan.com हर 3 किमी पर एक ब्रिज हालांकि, सबसे अधिक ब्रिज वाले शहरों में कोलकाता का नाम आता है, लेकिन उसका क्षेत्रफल सूरत से दोगुना है bhaskar.comUsage and Example of kshetraphal 1. After the anti-Israel riots of 1987, Gaza became a settlement area 2. area of ??the German Empire, one of his first duchies (840), located between the Main and Danube; Cpl 3. b Current; area of ??a given depth 4. Building, construction on this property, this area 5. Greece is in the Mediterranean climate area extending its geographical position which brings some nuances

Given are the examples of hindi word kshetraphal usage in english sentences. The examples of kshetraphal are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., area.

In ancient times the area along these rivers to the south of the Ganga was known as Magadha.गंगा के दक्षिण में इन नदियों के आस-पास का क्षेत्र प्राचीन काल में ‘मगध’ नाम से जाना जाता था|

At a time when hardware was the name of the game, Nadar foresaw the huge potential in the area of IT education and learning from which NIIT was born.
Each area is divided into several small distribution sectors and each sector is handled by a particular person.
oters in a geographical area who elect a representative to the legislative bodies.
Population density is the number of people living in a unit area of the earth s surface.
There are other markets in the urban area that have many shops, popularly called shopping complexes.
If such calamity happens in a very wide spread area or is stretched over a longer time period, it may cause a situation of starvation.
As a result, we do not have any major scope for increasing the area of land under cultivation.
Also, as we have seen in the previous chapter, continuous use of fertilizers in an area can destroy soil fertility because the organic matter in the soil is not replenished and micro-organisms in the soil are harmed by the fertilizers used.
Do you recall that India has an area of 2 million sq.
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