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अब खेल कूद और नाच-गाना डीयू के दाखिले में करेगा आपका सहयोग 1. Jean Prevost, sports Pleasures, p 2. Plagued by financial difficulties, Alfa-Romeo disappears from the sports scene in 1952 3. Since then and until today, almost all the different sports practiced in France have their respective federations 4. The sports sthenic heart is, that is to say, the strength of its contractions is greater 5. This means the need for medical supervision of sports training

Given are the examples of hindi word khel kood usage in english sentences. The examples of khel kood are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., sports.

For example, all of us discuss sports like cricket and soccer using a common vocabulary.

Among the various sports such as hockey, football and tennis, cricket appears to be the most appealing national entertainment today.
Most other team sports such as hockey and football lay down the dimensions of the playing area.
Till the last part of the nineteenth century, sports and vigorous exercise for girls was not a part of their education.
Do you know how many industries are based on forest produce? A short count reveals timber, paper, lac and sports equipment.
Such organisations are formed for providing service to a specific group or public at large such as education, health care, recreation, sports and so on without any consideration of caste, creed and colour.
Besides the Capital or General Fund, there may be other funds created for specific purposes or to meet the requirements of the contributors/donors such as building fund, sports fund, etc.
Sale of sports materials (used materials like old balls, bats, nets, etc) is the regular feature with any Sports Club.
For example, a club may maintain a special fund for sports activities.
In such a situation, the interest income on sports fund investments is added to the sports fund and all expenses on sports deducted therefrom.
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