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हिंदी मे अर्थ Meaning in english उदाहरण
Transliterated examples :
1. 'i'rba a limited sense of determining désinentielles curls and a broad sense of determination of my' n syntactic ? such grammatical functions (cf 2. It is always associated with the preparation of the broad monetary negotiations 3. Scotland and Wales have - since 1885 for one since 1964 for the other - own departments, the Scottish Office and Welsh Office, which give them broad administrative autonomy 4. Since it can not renounce, we will develop a psychiatric practice whose principles are in contradiction with the broad scientific mind is impregnated with a psychiatrist 5. So that we can probably do better, to identify and observe the dialectic, but to follow in broad terms the evolution of contemporary art

Given are the examples of hindi word ganvaaroo usage in english sentences. The examples of ganvaaroo are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., broad, slangy.

But the basic questions of the study of macroeconomics would remain the same and you will find that these are actually the broad economic questions that concern all citizens Will the prices as a whole rise or come down? Is the employment condition of the country as a whole, or of some sectors of the economy, getting better or is it worsening? What would be reasonable indicators to show that the economy is better or worse? What steps, if any, can the State take, or the people ask for, in order to improve the state of the economy? These are the kind of questions that make us think about the health of the country s economy as a whole.

The population pyramid of a country in which birth and death rates bothe are high is broad at the base and rapidly narrows towards the top.
In countries where death rates (especially amongst the very young) are decreasing, the pyramid is broad in the younger age groups, because more infants survive to adulthood.
These properties, as already stated above, have been classified into three broad categories: Format, Data and Others.
A branch of psychology called environmental psychology deals with various psychological issues pertaining to the human-environment interaction in a very broad sense of the term.
The various techniques of managerial control may be classified into two broad categories: traditional techniques, and modern techniques.
He looked quickly around into the broad face of a cop.
Now that you have noted down all these challenges, let us group these together into some broad categories.
So, instead of that let us think of some broad guidelines that can be kept in mind while devising ways and means for political reforms in India.
arious business activities may be classified into two broad categories — industry and commerce.
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