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कैसे चलता था जिस्म का गन्दा खेल... - जानकारी के मुताबिक, गोवा के रीबान्दर इलाके में एक हाई प्रोफाइल सेक्स रैकेट चल रहा था bhaskar.comUsage and Example of ganda 1. Approximate picture coarse 2. 10 flattering illusion, and soft error coarse ( 3. 9 and 10), a coarse engineering (? Cacophony, cit 4. But it adds coarse elements, terrigenous, of glacial marine origin 5. But it is not so easy to define, without coarse abstractions, the limits of a template and even manipulable nevertheless always close to the infinitely complex biological reality

Given are the examples of hindi word ganda usage in english sentences. The examples of ganda are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., coarse, dirty, unkempt, untidy, smutty.

The Saliya weavers of Thanjavur and the nearby town of Uraiyur are busy producing cloth for flags to be used in the temple festival, fine cottons for the king and nobility and coarse cotton for the masses.

Parties and candidates often use dirty tricks to win elections.
Moreover, as the procurement is concentrated in a few prosperous regions (Punjab, Haryana, Western Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and to a lesser extent in West Bengal) and mainly of two crops wheat and rice increase in MSP has induced farmers, particularly in surplus states, to divert land from production of coarse grains, which is the staple food of the poor, to the production of rice and wheat.
Nor did the textile manufacturers in Britain produce the very coarse cloths used by the poor people in India.
The evening had already blacked in the windows and the small room was steamy from the stove and cluttered with the heavy-breathing man in his vest at the table and the dirty washing piled up in the corner.
Under this system, also called dirty floating, central banks intervene to buy and sell foreign currencies in an attempt to moderate exchange rate movements whenever they feel that such actions are appropriate.
Standing at the window, Sergei saw the cook and the beggar come out into the yard by the back door and make their way across the dirty snow to the shed.
Though, these are known as coarse grains, they have very high nutritional value.
I opened my eyes and saw nothing but water — water that had a dirty yellow tinge to it.
They are also known as coarse grains and can be grown on less fertile and sandy soils.
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