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हिंदी मे अर्थ Meaning in english उदाहरण
Transliterated examples :
1. FINLAND Finland, or Suomi (338,000 km2, 5,000,000 inhabitants in 1992), advances as a massive peninsula between the Gulf of Finland and Gulf of Bothnia 2. North Eastern Poland (Mazury) and gravimetric surveys have revealed deep massive anorthosite, gabbro, etc 3. The dizzying growth in numbers the last twenty years, in Europe as in America, was made for three quarters by a massive recruitment of women 4. The folds of the Breton Armorican orogeny exondent massive and southern Urals 5. The gas being at that time devoid of heavy elements (which are synthesized in massive stars; see nucleosynthesis), the stars of this population are very low in metals

Given are the examples of hindi word garua usage in english sentences. The examples of garua are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., massive, onerous, cumbersome, clumsy, humongous, heavy, fierce, strong, whopping, thumping, walloping, sweeping, burdensome, throaty, banging, weighted, leaden, weighty, costly, coarsen, dearly, load, severe, high, husky, almighty, swingeing, nasty, great, thick, hefty, solemn, serious, steady, sagacious, staid, sober, weighty, emotional, plummy, deep, unplayful, base, sedate, earnest, straight, grave, neat, fine, smashing, excellent, exquisite, eminent, choice.

The hills and high mountains including the Himalayas, deserts, rivers and seas made journeys dangerous at times, but never impossible.कभी-कभी हिमालय जैसे ऊँचे पर्वतों, पहाड़ियों, रेगिस्तान, नदिेयों तथा समुद्रों के कारण यात्रा जोखिम भरी होती थी, फिर भी ये यात्रा उनके लिए असंभव नहीं थीं|

People select plants that yield large-size grain, and have strong stalks, capable of bearing the weight of the ripe grain.लोग उन्हीं पौधों को चुनते हैं जिनसे बड़े दाने वाले अनाज पैदा होते हैं साथ ही जिनकी मज़बूत डंठले अनाज के पके दानों के भार को संभाल सकें|
HCL has a strong sense of social responsibility.
, complete the given task but at a high cost.
Usually high efficiency is associated with high effectiveness which is the aim of all managers.
But undue emphasis on high efficiency without being effective is also not desirable.
ITC s E-Chaupal initiative is a fine example of a business organisation fulfilling corporate social responsibility.
In the capacity of the functional manager the global manager has to ensure he is able to source the right technical skills, build a strong resource base of these skills, and be able to deliver on software projects with these skill-sets working in a globalised on the business cycles that the client s business operates in, understanding and adapting to the processes and methodologies the client is familiar with.
A person with high mechanical aptitude can profit from appropriate training and can do well as an engineer.
Similarly, a person having high language aptitude can be trained to be a good writer.
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