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आठ साल के सुंदर, सलोने, चंचल रमन को देखकर हर कोई उसकी ओर खिंचा चला जाता है, लेकिन उसकी हालत देख दिल रो पड़ता है -बाड़ी कस्बे के सीताराम बाजार इस्लामिया मदरसे के पास स्थित चंचल साड़ी सेन्टर की दो दुकानों में ऊपर से गुजर रहे बिजली के तार के टूटने से हुए शॉर्ट सर्किट के चलते आग लग गई चंचल ने 76 रन बनाए
चंचल ने 76 रन बनाए इसमें गोपाल धुरंधर (नीमच), रामू हटीला (मंदसौर), रजनीश शर्मा, सीतामाऊ, डॉ. चंचल चौहान सेमलिया, सुमित्रा सरल (नामली), पवन भट्‌ट (रतलाम), खुशी दशोत्तर (रतलाम), जुझार सिंह भाटी रतलाम व अन्य ने कविता का पाठ किया bhaskar.comUsage and Example of chanchal 1. Let K size = 1 ? closed unstable forms, additional U in ? 2. Spheres of the stacks are characterized by point, therefore unstable contacts, which allow an easy rearrangement of the grains under the effect of mechanical stress 3. This does more even if f is unstable 4. The gases and fumes that start moving in the opposite direction decomposition of the surface of the substance 5. The last works he made between 1960 and his own death in Chur in 1966 - series of busts of Annette, his wife, series of busts of Elie Lotar, filmmaker - are among the most moving of 'contemporary art

Given are the examples of hindi word chanchal usage in english sentences. The examples of chanchal are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., fickle, naughty, giddy, scatterbrained, restless, flighty, wavering, volatile, nimble, flickering, quivering, shaking, unstable, unsteady, mercurial, harum scarum, playful, wanton, skittish, mobile.

, he became restless and started walking on the road in search of a hotel for snacks or meals.

The new elements with very high atomic numbers are so unstable that only minute quantities, sometimes only a few atoms of them are obtained.
Large positive electron gain enthalpies because the electron has to enter the next higher principal quantum level leading to a very unstable electronic configureuration.
Ozone is thermodynamically unstable and decomposes to molecular oxygen.
It still remains an unstable and uncertain achievement.
They got up and walked out of the room, shaking their heads, and they left September very uneasy.
Sergeant Oop is at right, opening and closing a book, turning it upside down, shaking it and then riffling the pages and shaking his head.
If the above experiment is repeated with methyl alcohol, acetone and ether, it is observed that different liquids have different equilibrium vapour pressures at the same temperature, and the liquid which has a higher vapour pressure is more volatile and has a lower boiling point.
Similarly, we can say that removal of a product also boosts the forward reaction and increases the concentration of the products and this has great commercial application in cases of reactions, where the product is a gas or a volatile substance.
Your non-fictional writing, your scholarly work has a certain playful and personal quality about it.
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