chamachchanaa example and sentences

हिंदी मे अर्थ Meaning in english उदाहरण
Transliterated examples :
1. Or, assuming they had their only source at a particular place, these new aesthetics would spread immediately throughout the world by corroborating or turning the flame of various other households 2. Resistant in the air at room temperature, it burns after heating to red, with a blue-violet flame by giving in23 oxide; it dissolves in mineral acids, but it is not attacked by bases, or by water 3. The composition of the flame retardants (paint, varnish) varies according to the nature of the materials to be protected 4. The theme is the celebration of the love flame sets the beloved among the beloved 5. They help feed the flame of poetic language so essential to the understanding of the Italian culture and are equally with men

Given are the examples of hindi word chamachchanaa usage in english sentences. The examples of chamachchanaa are provided according to its meaning(s) in english language i.e., radiate, scintillate, flame, glisten, glance, glowing, light, glitter, winkle, sparkle, beam, flash, shimmer, twinkle, blaze, flicker, glow, glint, gleam, glare, shine, brighten.

The sun gives light to the world.सूरज दुनिया को प्रकाश देता है|

The stars twinkle in the sky.आकाश में तारे चमकते हैं|
A manager applies this acquired knowledge in a personalised and skillful manner in the light of the realities of a given situation.
The rest of the chapter tries to assess elections in India in the light of this yardstick.
Ebright s mother wrote to Dr Urquhart, and soon Ebright was attaching light adhesive tags to the wings of monarchs.
The numerical relationships throw light on many latent aspects of the business.
It must be recalled that basic purpose of accounting is to throw useful light on the financial performance (profitability) and financial position (its capacity to raise money and invest them wisely) as well as changes occurring in financial position.
It helps to analyse the performance of business and throws light on the operational efficiency of the business.
In areas with light soils, crops get adversely affected by drought conditions.
The moon is broken like a mirror, its pieces flash now in the crown of the tallest oak.
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